Act Two, Chapter Seven: 015

29th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 015
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016

Oh my gosh you guys, I got to see a proof, and I hope you'll be happy! The new book will be slightly smaller than the first and have a matte cover rather than a glossy one, just due to working with a different print team, but I hope you'll like it! It's got the end of chapter seven in it and some revamped scenes so you may wind up getting to see that before it even goes live on here!


Fluffy 29th Apr 12:12 AM, 2016
Ah... Awkward Silences...
What a great way to start the morning.
Mar-ee 29th Apr 12:46 AM, 2016
Awkward silence.... but its kinda obvious one of the two is working up to say something
cattservant 29th Apr 2:56 AM, 2016
Cat 29th Apr 4:57 AM, 2016
Why must you stand awkwardly near each other, when you could just as easily continue walking after the Good Morning? You don't have to do any apologizing immediately, you can wait a bit and hope for a more opportune moment.
prime_pm 29th Apr 8:12 AM, 2016
Both: "...I'M SORRY ABOUT LAST...No, you go ahea...I"
The Doodler 29th Apr 11:19 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Can anyone translate the arch?
nathyfaith 29th Apr 11:22 AM, 2016
I think is supposed to read "PACTA SUNT SERVANDA" which means "agreements should be kept". Beast sure goes a lot with keeping things in the right place, doesn't him? ;)
The Doodler 29th Apr 12:35 PM, 2016
The Doodler
nathyfaith 29th Apr 11:25 AM, 2016
Lovely panel! I adored their expressions.
Poor darlings so many words to say and not enough words. :)
Sophi(e)a 29th Apr 5:04 PM, 2016
I have a nasty feeling that this is the calm before the storm of whatever the change in contracts brings.
Oh Boy... 30th Apr 12:19 PM, 2016
One thing I am nervous about is that while Beast does have good intentions, whatever he did to her contract, he did not consult her first.

To be honest, I'm not sure if that's morally okay. Like I said, I know he has good intentions and I think it's fairly obvious he cares for her, but whatever he did to her contract, he did without asking her and without her permission.

While she did not originally want to come here in the first place, she did so of her own free will for her father's sake. It was her choice. By editing and/or making an addendum in a contract,without her knowledge, even with the best intentions, is something I find very disturbing. I find this disturbing, because it feels like he might have taken away a choice for her, or backed her into a corner, which is not okay, especially with how far they've come.

I hope this is addressed because the author is very good at dealing with these sorts of things and I really like how the story is written and illustrated. This is a fantastic version of the story and I can't wait to see where this goes.
Is this an agreement? 30th Apr 12:30 PM, 2016
So, is this an agreement between Beast and Beauty? If he did not consult her about a change in the contract, then is it really an agreement, and can it/should it really be kept as the mystery latin magic castle says?

I know the point is a debate over morals, but also in the logic of this story, an agreement is consent between two people. This means, unless she consents, is there really an agreement/addition to the contract since he did not ask her or at least address her about it?!

Ow, my head hurts...

Again, I agree with the previous post about this being a great story, but I'm concerned that this could be a gaping plothole that could confuse readers.

I also feel like a jerk because the other person is concerned about Beauty's wellbeing and the relationship between the two and I'm analyzing details.

Sorry, I am so sorry, I really do love this story. I'm just scared because I have seen so many great stories leave small things like this un-adressed (you have not done that yet that I know of), and it often changes the whole plot.
Cat 1st May 4:29 AM, 2016
I'd just like to point out, the whole contract thing comes across as very legal. And, well... morals and ethics have no place in legal matters.

Even if someone finds it morally or ethically wrong what may be done (or not done) in a legal matter, it doesn't matter. The law is based off of pure logic, rationality and similar. No morals, no ethics, prejudices, etc.
Kirala 2nd May 8:33 AM, 2016
Bear in mind that we've had strong hints that Beauty's contract dates back to her mother saving her life by sacrificing her own - and even if those hints are misleading, it's a lock that there's more to Beauty's contract than her father's situation. If the Beast is amending the contract solely to remove strictures placed without Beauty's knowledge or consent, I'm not sure there's anything unethical about it. The only thing she might object to is the price, and since it's his to pay, I view that more as a relational transgression than an objective ethical transgression, if that makes sense. (Sacrificing your life for someone else = ethically admirable in most cases, less so when it kills the loved one of a beloved [you] without their input.)
The Doodler 30th Apr 4:14 PM, 2016
The Doodler
It might be possible that he literally physically can't consult her. I mean, the magic of the castle isn't a big fan of him speaking openly....
SlicedOnion 30th Apr 11:57 PM, 2016
Hold on folks, he hasn't NOT consulted her yet. For all we know that's what he's going to do right now. Last night's shenanigans might have just been the paralegal going over the contract information before going into negotiation the next day.
Legal debate? 1st May 4:42 PM, 2016
Okay, here's the thing folks, we still don't know if whatever Beast did to the contract or is planning to do to the contract has taken effect yet, so don't panic.

Personally, I am kind of tired of the cliche answer where magic is the answer or block for everything, but in this case, something is messed up with this place.

Legally or contract-wise, when I have made contracts with people or an addendum with others, we communicate something at least, and Beast, throughout the story, has done as much as he can under the circumstances to do so. Due to magic and other circumstances, it may not work the same way, but for Beast's character, I think he's earned a little trust.

On a moral standpoint, Beast is trying to save Beauty and while this may sound really wrong, if he can't tell her something or consult her first, I can't blame him. I can't speak on behalf on the rest of the readers, but as someone who's seen a lot of things, there are some cliches that do hold true, and this author portrays them well.

For what it's worth in any case, let's continue reading the story. Yes, debate and evaluate because our opinions do matter, but don't freak out too much and don't tear down the story if you see something you either don't like or are worried about. One thing I like about this story is that it teaches us, as the author does, is to have a little faith. Perhaps not on a religious way, but in people generally, even when the worst of humanity is presented before us. That is what is happening between our main characters right now, and what is happening between the audience and the author.

Maybe this will end badly, but we won't know unless we take a chance.
Rosengeist 1st May 9:33 PM, 2016
*Slow clap*

...and that was a completely un-ironic slow clap too.
Legal Debate 1st May 10:06 PM, 2016
...I am an idiot. I honestly cannot tell if you are making fun of me or not.
Rosengeist 2nd May 10:24 AM, 2016
Ah! Sorry! That probably does sound a little ambiguous, and the accidental double post doesn't help. ^^*

It's meant as a positive. Like "good job for pointing out that its probably best to wait and see how this plays out before we judge the comic." I also appreciate that you recognized that this story has a lot in it about faith, and the role that has in our lives. So, it was a kudos' slow clap.

...I will be a bit clearer about that when I post in the future. My bad. ^^*
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 8:29 PM, 2017
Beauty thinks this is going to be just another day in her stay here, albeit a much more awkward one than usual. At the very least, though, the Beast is about to reveal that she can go home now. As for the morals behind the Beast's decision or the lack thereof--I'm not worried about the author not exploring it, given that she has been very careful in her navigation of Beauty and the Beast's relationship so far, and was not presenting the alteration of the contract as a good thing. It's clear that the Beast rushed into it and that it will have consequences. How those consequences will be confronted and resolved is yet to be seen.
Michael 25th Apr 10:51 AM, 2017
I agree.
he will let her go. Maybe he takes the Option to break all bridges to the Castle so she wont find back, without telling her. What will lead to a tragedy when she makes up her mind and want to go back.