Act Two, Chapter Seven: 022

23rd May 11:56 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 022
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 23rd May 11:56 PM, 2016
windy out, innit?


Mar-ee 24th May 1:09 AM, 2016
I feel like this leading to something and I wanna know so badly! Gahhh can't wait for the next page (well I can but thats not the point XD)
Dravening 24th May 2:16 AM, 2016
ok, I'm making a prediction here, did he find a way to go back home? hnnnnnn what did you do beast??
Guest 25th May 4:37 PM, 2016
My son's name is Draven!!!!! I don't come across many Dravens.
LB 24th May 3:01 AM, 2016
SO. Beauty and the Beast live action film. Thoughts? :)
Kirala 24th May 8:27 AM, 2016
I... kinda really want a movie version of this one, first! Which is odd, because I love the animated version and the Broadway musical so passionately and there's not a single cast member who doesn't seem perfectly cast and someone I really want to see in that role. But it's hard to remake perfection without marring it. If this were adapted to live action, the differences in media would force it to be a separate adaptation more than a remake, and that feels safer to me. (Plus, I eagerly await the rest to find out whether this is, in fact, my very favorite version of my very favorite story. So promising so far!)
DS 24th May 11:54 AM, 2016
If you're talking about the Disney teaser trailer just released, the music gave me shivers (love, love, love the prologue). The sets looked lovely tho I really want to know what the beast will look like. I wasn't too thrilled with the beast in the French version from a few years back - looked a bit too off.
Mirilali 24th May 1:51 PM, 2016
I'm holding out for more than just a teaser trailer. Something tells me it'll be slightly more than just the long ago animated version, but maybe we can luck out and someone on the team has contacted our dear MsMegan and we'll have influence of our beloved currently angsty pair in the movie version.

By the cast that's attached, I actually have pretty good hopes about the acting, just have to make sure of the story. ( IMDb linkage because I became curious like that )
NanamiG 24th May 3:30 PM, 2016
The story is a live-action remake of the 1991 Disney classic. They aren't changing anything except three new songs that were written for this movie (all the originals are supposed to come back, too) and adding a new character for this movie (Cadenza). It shouldn't be too terribly different from the Disney animated movie.
MsMegan 25th May 12:55 PM, 2016
I can't say much right now, but I MIGHT have recently had a chat with some folks working for a place the rhymes with Brisbee and it MIGHT lead to something down the line (unrelated to this particular comic, naturally, but still very exciting) but all of those are big MIGHTS and may well come to nothing. :)
Kirala 26th May 10:14 AM, 2016
That's incredibly exciting! I definitely know about the difference between "chance, if many chances come out right" and "omg it's happening!", but let's revel in the chance! :) Keep us posted!
Alexandra 24th May 3:02 AM, 2016
The way he holds the dog statue? He is preparing for having his phantom heart gutted out.
Sophi(e)a 24th May 12:03 PM, 2016
I hadn't even noticed that on my first read of the page. But oh wow, you are so totally right.
Sophi(e)a 24th May 12:01 PM, 2016
Oh Beast, what have you done?

Beauty, if you dislike the choices he's made for you, you have every right to get mad at him.
Jezebel Olander 25th May 12:49 PM, 2016
This story and the accompanying art are absolutely stunning, the weave of the words so smooth and lilting. You are amazing for having created this (: and i hope you continue to be amazing.
Chaostraveler 26th May 1:19 PM, 2016
No No NO!! Need more (Shatnerian pause) Comic!
...Ah well. I just spent the last few days reading the whole comic here after I read the digital volume bundled with Valor. I absolutely love this comic, especially page 10 (act 2, ch 7). I also never comment on stuff, so yeah, sorry. This is amazing, I can't wait to see more!
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 9:17 PM, 2017
Beast, as clear as what you mean is to us (and let's be honest here, we don't have all of the details yet either), this speech has to be pretty opaque to Beauty. I'm sure she understands what you're driving at, though--that soon she might be free! As a side note, I love how he puts his hand on the head of the statue of the dog, taking comfort in it and the memory of his own beloved puppy.
Michael 25th Apr 11:27 AM, 2017
Guys. Always when somebody here uses the word "angst" I dont get it. I am from Germany and the german word angst never fits to your sentences. Somebody Needs to explain that to me, please.
Carol 6th Sep 6:30 PM, 2017
Technically, English borrowed the word "angst" from the German language, and it means full of fright or anxiety. But it's kind of got a second meaning now, perhaps most often seen in relation to online art or fanfiction, meaning it is emotionally harrowing and evoking a lot of feelings or 'feels' in the reader. Hope that helps!