Act Two, Chapter Seven: 023

27th May 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 023
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th May 12:00 AM, 2016
Beast, stop waxing tragic and poetic and just tell us what you did.


dream-piper 27th May 12:32 AM, 2016
Sophi(e)a 27th May 12:44 AM, 2016
Beast, if you don't explain what you did soon, Beauty is going force it out of you, with all of us behind her. And I've got a feeling that you're going to want her in the best mood possible when you explain yourself.
Mar-ee 27th May 1:39 AM, 2016
Kinda have a feeling what he's meaning. But we're gonna have to see what happens next
metaceryn 27th May 3:12 AM, 2016
"We've done so well with vagueness and deflection, I should keep being vague and deflective and can see no downside or way it could go badly at all!"

Beast, I love you but I also want to smack you with a newspaper.
Guest 27th May 6:55 AM, 2016
I'm with you on that smacking thing!
I kinda hope Beauty is, too, because once again he has decided about her fate without her consent. Not cool, Beast, not cool! Especially so if it's really all just an elaborate scheme to finally kill yourself...
Michael 25th Apr 11:30 AM, 2017
Wrong way, thats for sure. He is so Long time alone, that he Forgets to ask.
Hallan 27th May 7:59 AM, 2016
You go with the newspaper, I'll get the industrial-strength fur clippers ready. Let's see him be Delphic with a poodle cut.
Stitchlingbelle 27th May 2:15 PM, 2016
You win the internet.
Kawaii overload!!! 29th May 7:47 AM, 2016
Could we put bows and pink animal-friendly hair dye into that hairstyle as well?
Silvre 27th May 2:30 PM, 2016
Ha! Your "smack you with a newspaper" comment really made me laugh. ;)
Kirala 27th May 8:10 AM, 2016
... I'm still thinking the Beast is staking his life for her freedom, and I don't think he'll tell her that. I'm curious what he WILL tell her.
JustaSquirrel 27th May 9:56 AM, 2016
Thank you Beast for changing Beauty's fate without her knowledge consent. again.
pygmy_tyrant 27th May 10:01 AM, 2016
Exasperated Dwarf 27th May 10:42 AM, 2016
Am I just looking at things weirdly, or does the statue look like Aornis?
Paula Richey 27th May 11:50 AM, 2016
Let me guess, Beast. /Eternal/ peace with it.

I know he can't stand to say anything directly - a few too many zaps with the shock collar might have conditioned him against saying anything that doesn't take a minute to decode - but so help me I hope he finishes up with telling her he's arranged for her to finally have some choices and the next decision is hers.
nathyfaith 27th May 12:31 PM, 2016
Mad Hatter 27th May 1:47 PM, 2016
Everyone get your tissues ready. Because I feel we're getting close to the death scene that happens in every Beauty and the Beast adaptation.
Stitchlingbelle 27th May 2:15 PM, 2016
Concerns, I have them. I am concerned. *chews fingernails*
Cat 27th May 2:33 PM, 2016
Quit stringing it out 'mysteriously', Beast, and speak bluntly. Bluntness may come across as rude, but at least you aren't dancing on eggshells before smashing them beneath your claws.
Helena 28th May 7:55 PM, 2016
Aornis was turned into a statue?
Helena 28th May 7:58 PM, 2016
The great point is that, those who Beast loved were always taken from him. He freed the birds, so his evil mother wouldn't kill them, but the shrew poisoned Aornis. I think that the Fountain is a bit like his mother, now it is threatening Belle because she has power over him - just like Evil Mom felt jealous of attention and love Beast had for his pets.
Alexandra 30th May 3:44 AM, 2016
Do you remember how THE Beast acted when Belle left? I think something similar will happen here too! Oh the waiting is killing me? Can't the panels be double updated each time?
Elkian 14th Jun 1:47 AM, 2016
Black clothes for mourning...
Kirala 13th Jan 7:05 PM, 2017
Crap. It's heavily implied that Aornis had to be put down. He's thinking the only solution is death, isn't he. I mean, we could guess that anyway, but Aornis is FLASHING NEON LIGHTS that he's planning to put himself down.
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 9:32 PM, 2017
Translation: "Maybe I was hoping I wouldn't have to kill myself as the solution. Maybe I was hoping to become human again and have a life with you. But this is the way things have to be and I've convinced myself that I'm okay with it." There I fixed it. Seriously, if I were Beauty I would be so deeply alarmed at his phrasing right now, especially the "I'm at peace with it" part. I would be wondering, "What on earth did you do and how bad is it?!" God, poor both of them right now....
Michael 25th Apr 11:35 AM, 2017
I would rather think she is given the freedom to go home and he gets a mental castration that he wont tell her about.
eekee 27th Mar 2:08 AM, 2019