Act Two, Chapter Seven: 027

10th Jun 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 027
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 10th Jun 12:00 AM, 2016
Aw, kiddo


Mar-ee 10th Jun 12:07 AM, 2016
So much feels going on
WolfReader 10th Jun 12:30 AM, 2016
And gut check in 3...2...1... OOFFF!
metaceryn 10th Jun 2:48 AM, 2016
lying here on the floor in a puddle of my feels

hope no one else wanted the rum-Maalox slushies cause those are loooooooong gone
Alexandra 10th Jun 3:24 AM, 2016
make some more for me please... we are going to need them until next Tuesday.
Silly_Panda_105 12th Jun 9:42 PM, 2016
I very much agree!
nathyfaith 22nd Jun 5:22 PM, 2016
I feel ya. *cries*
Caro 10th Jun 5:09 AM, 2016
Aww, now I want to pat his head even if i would have to climb onto like two or three boxes to even reach it.
Seriously, boy, if she had it in her heart to hate you, she already would.
WolfReader 10th Jun 3:18 PM, 2016
At this point yes. But there's no real way to tell if she'll end up hating him five years down the road, or ten, twenty.
She may ask to see her family, and watching them growing older, watching her father pass, watching her nephew or niece grow up.
Resentment can twist anyones feelings, and he's more then aware of that...
Sophi(e)a 10th Jun 12:41 PM, 2016
Beauty reaching out to touch his shoulder, but then pulling back, may be the most heartbreaking part of this page.
WolfReader 10th Jun 3:19 PM, 2016
Along with the pained look in Beasts eyes...
Silly_Panda_105 12th Jun 9:40 PM, 2016
Poor poor beast and Beauty......
AbigailBrooks 21st Jan 2:47 PM, 2017
Back again. My apologies for the delay, but there was a national tragedy going on over the past couple of days, which wasn't conducive to productivity. (Sighs.)

In any case, Beauty reaching out to the Beast, then drawing her hand back quickly when he turns towards her, is heartbreaking. The Beast's speech doesn't help. He can't stand for her to hate him, which I can see happening if they started a relationship and Beauty later felt like they'd started it for the wrong reasons (them not having any other options for companionship, for one thing). She more intimate they became, the worse she might feel at that point. So I am glad he is trying to help them out of that situation, even if I am worried about how his end of the bargain will go.