Act one, Chapter Two: 14

6th Nov 11:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 14
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 6th Nov 11:00 AM, 2012
Well, hello!


cattservant 6th Nov 11:09 AM, 2012
Well this is a tense situation...
asdkjflsjdfls 6th Nov 11:48 AM, 2012
I like the fact that one chair is slightly pulled away from the table...
McHozers 6th Nov 1:30 PM, 2012
Nice page. Good reveal.
a Drop of Beauty 8th Nov 9:50 PM, 2012
a Drop of Beauty
Kim M 19th Dec 6:54 PM, 2012
And the flowers on the mantel? Anything specific there? (Again, didn't even notice first time 'round...too absorbed by that gorgeous and intriguing eye. :D)
MsMegan 19th Dec 11:29 PM, 2012
Good catch! It's witch hazel and almond. He does have interesting eyes, doesn't he? They were a very late design decision...he used to have the same blank black eyes as the rest of the characters, but there is a scene that I'm very much looking forward to that called for something more uncanny...
Kim M 20th Dec 7:54 PM, 2012
Uncanny is good. Very good. :) And witch hazel and almond:

A spell
Indiscretion or hope (common and flowering varieties, respectively)

I like that hint of indiscretion (whose? when?) alongside the more easily interpreted spell and hope....
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 4:37 PM, 2013

Ahem. Excuse me. Maybe he's known it since she was a child, or her father told him, or because magic - I'm sure he has a reason. That still must be very unsettling for her.

Anyway, I love how the detail in this dining room (look, flowers! Look, the legs of the table look like beast legs! And her chair is already out for her!). The Beast being in shadow sets the mood very, very well, as does his eyes. I'm glad you decided to differentiate them from the all-black eyes of the other characters. Eeeek, I'm so excited they are meeting! Even if this is a re-read!
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 9:16 PM, 2013
You portray light and shadow so well, and it shows particularly in this black-and-white graphic novel. The way light reflects off the chairs, the silhouette of the Beast...perfection.
MsMegan 22nd Aug 10:23 PM, 2013
Looking at these older pages, I was doing fun thing with light and dark. I should try and ramp that back up in the current stuff.
Guest 20th Jul 10:35 PM, 2015
-Eyes widen- ok then... Sup bro!
Chi 26th Sep 11:58 AM, 2016
The single eye in the dark! Wow! Spooky but a lot of humanity in this glimpse of the soul.