Act Two, Chapter Seven: 033

1st Jul 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 033
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Jul 12:00 AM, 2016
Not much luck with roses indeed!


Mar-ee 1st Jul 12:06 AM, 2016
Did that rose just appear like magic? :o....

And also awww Beast's expression in the top first panel was precious :)
Fluffy 1st Jul 12:09 AM, 2016
I don't think that is a good sign....
Sophi(e)a 1st Jul 12:58 AM, 2016
I agree. The second panel especially makes me wary.
Ransom 1st Jul 1:03 AM, 2016
See, my first reading of this was that he pulled a thorny rose out of his own heart-nest somehow.
a Drop of Beauty 1st Jul 2:16 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
Same here.
Kukki 1st Jul 5:38 AM, 2016
Is that not what's happening? Because that's what it looks like.

So, he had trouble growing roses because he didn't know love yet? And here he's setting her free as an act of love, so a rose grew out of his "heart"/nest of thorns?
Exasperated Dwarf 1st Jul 1:15 AM, 2016
AHHHHH! NO! Is that his heart/heart substitute? Noooooooooo! I have bad feelings!
metaceryn 1st Jul 1:58 AM, 2016
"At your command, before you here I stand
My heart is in my hand...
It's here that I must be,
My heart entreats, savage but without meat
So trust your feet are fleet
And run away from meeee..."

-Adapted from the Masochism Tango by Tom Lehrer
Alexandra 1st Jul 3:53 AM, 2016
WAIT! Did he just took out his heart? Or the castle pulled it our from him?

Like Howl? Is this part of the contract?

Sophi(e)a 1st Jul 12:14 PM, 2016
Oh dear. This isn't good. Which is a bummer, because in most situations, a rose would be a really nice thing. But here? Nope nope nope.
Naomi 1st Jul 9:28 PM, 2016
I really like how this seems to be bringing things things full circle. From the theft of a rose for Beauty's sake to one given completely freely from the original owner and both roses being gifted out of love. Well, assuming that Beast gives it to her on the next page.
Stitchlngbelle 2nd Jul 3:20 AM, 2016
Sweet but dreadfully creepy, Beast. A+ for effort?

(oh god oh god I'm so scared for what's next.)
AbigailBrooks 21st Jan 3:10 PM, 2017
My interpretation of this was that he had another heart pang, reached in and pulled out the rose, and was just as surprised as Beauty when he gave it to her. There definitely seems to be magic at work here, though I'm not entirely sure for what purpose (the giving of roses being a romantic gesture aside). Maybe the rose wilts later, indicating that the Beast is dying and that Beauty has to go back to save him. We'll have to wait and see!
Michael 25th Apr 6:07 PM, 2017
He is giving her a Piece of his heart without asking for something in return. Can there be more than that?
Can she accept it and give something back to make it a whole? It will take some time. Ah, the symbolisms.
Michael 25th Apr 6:09 PM, 2017
I see a Little eye in the middle of the rose. And it is not merciless as the big one in the symbols all over the Castle Looks to me.
the Young Entity 7th May 8:10 PM, 2018
He theoretically, symbolically, and maybe literally, gave Beauty his heart!
Runtytiger 22nd Jan 12:32 AM, 2021
A friend of mine told me that was the original metaphor, when the father picked a rose, he literally stolen a piece of the “Beasts” heart, one that he did not consent to giving.