Act one, Chapter Two: 16

13th Nov 11:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 16
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asjldfjlsdjf 13th Nov 11:36 AM, 2012
GAH! The tension... don't keep us in suspense too much longer or I might hyperventilate.
cattservant 13th Nov 11:46 AM, 2012
A test of our Heroine's diplomacy...
a Drop of Beauty 13th Nov 7:09 PM, 2012
a Drop of Beauty
0____O what is she gonna do?!? Can't wait!!!
Dyl 28th Nov 5:32 AM, 2012
...I wish it would continue for weeks and weeks more!
MsMegan 28th Nov 9:02 AM, 2012
No worries-- It will! I'm aiming for roughly 300 pages.
Kim M 19th Dec 6:57 PM, 2012
...And more roses in the firescreen. How did I not notice this stuff before?!
MsMegan 19th Dec 11:31 PM, 2012
I'm actually really glad that a lot of things have gone unnoticed. I was worried I was being too blunt with visual motifs.
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 4:49 PM, 2013
Oh his hands. HIS HANDS. I love them. And the way he glances at the fire and it flares up - I'm not going to lie, it reminded me of a certain other cat-like character, for a second. Love it.
MsMegan 28th Jul 10:21 PM, 2013
Well, he can't raise storms...OR CAN HE?
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 4:45 PM, 2013
Given what we learn later, I doubt raising storms is something he can do...but it's entirely possible that other characters could. That blizzard didn't have to be natural, after all....
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 9:38 PM, 2013
The fierce force of the fire is almost palpable in that bottom panel. And his one paw almost seems photorealistic in places! Incredible.
Chi 26th Sep 12:00 PM, 2016
Love the roses in the chandelier