Second Entr'Acte: 002

2nd Aug 12:00 AM, 2016 in Entr'Acte 02
Second Entr'Acte: 002
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Aug 12:00 AM, 2016
"I've more or less worked out how to deal with horror-stricken as a reaction, but I am...less certain of how to deal with this."


Mar-ee 2nd Aug 12:07 AM, 2016
Beauty's mom... and the Beast .... flashback? Plot thickensssss
Sophi(e)a 2nd Aug 12:24 AM, 2016
I'm so glad we're getting more information about the deal Beauty's mother made.
Guest 2nd Aug 12:49 AM, 2016
Beauty's mom look a little older than if the first flash back of her from the earlier chapters.
metaceryn 2nd Aug 2:45 AM, 2016
Yes, she is certainly Beauty's mother. And she sure as hell is Temperance's mother too.
Kukki 2nd Aug 10:48 AM, 2016
I wish I could "like" or "thumbs up" your comment!
Michael 25th Apr 6:57 PM, 2017
you can see the Family resemblance quite clearly. But where is Virtue or is she more coming after Dad?
Hallan 2nd Aug 7:52 AM, 2016
Oh my goodness. I think a biiig puzzle piece just fell into place as to why Beauty keeps getting depicted with swan feathers in the more mystical scenes.
Kirala 2nd Aug 9:44 AM, 2016
Do you think her mother was a Swan Maiden?
Hallan 3rd Aug 7:11 AM, 2016
Swan maiden was my guess, yes.
DS 2nd Aug 10:00 AM, 2016
Care to share? Should I be researching swan-related fairy tales? I had more of a selkie bride scenario on the brain.
DS 2nd Aug 10:02 AM, 2016
Swan Maiden = selkie pretty much. D'oh!
nathyfaith 2nd Aug 1:02 PM, 2016
Oh, dear me.
This is so awesome. Flashbacks ;)
Stitchlingbelle 2nd Aug 7:17 PM, 2016
I can't handle this. I can't. Hold me.
The Doodler 3rd Aug 11:38 AM, 2016
The Doodler
I can't believe I didn't make the swan maiden connection before now.

Also, how long has this poor dude been trapped?
AbigailBrooks 21st Jan 5:55 PM, 2017
We know the Beast gave up his heart, but what did Beauty's mother give up? Other commenters are guessing that she's a Swan Maiden, which would make perfect sense, so perhaps she gave up her feather cloak and gave up her ability to shapeshift? Perhaps she had some other magic that she gave up? Whatever it was, it had to be something important. What was she like before she made that sacrifice, I wonder?
Michael 25th Apr 7:01 PM, 2017
Dealing on the same Level. having some experience already, eh?
What did she gave up already and for what in return? And what is this current deal all about?
Did she became human for the husband? And going to give time of her life for her daughter??