Second Entr'Acte: 003

5th Aug 12:00 AM, 2016 in Entr'Acte 02
Second Entr'Acte: 003
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 5th Aug 12:00 AM, 2016
"Yes, do the gawking and recoiling bit and let's move on to the paperwork, if we might."


Mar-ee27 5th Aug 12:01 AM, 2016
Now after this last page and this page, I'm curious to know what Beauty's mom was like in the past or her past in general. Its only 2 pages and its obvious she's an interesting character.
Tuima 5th Aug 12:29 AM, 2016
I love his weirded-out face.
The Doodler 5th Aug 12:29 AM, 2016
The Doodler

It's so interesting to see them like this.
DS 5th Aug 12:33 AM, 2016
*squints harder* "I guess you'll do as a possible boyfriend for my daughter."
Sophi(e)a 5th Aug 12:50 AM, 2016
This interaction is teaching us so much about both of them. I am excited to see what else we learn in the upcoming pages.
the selkie wife 5th Aug 4:18 AM, 2016
beast looks so outraged when beauty's mum asks him to stand up it's kind of hilarious.

also I know he's supposed to be wearing trousers of some sort but I am choosing to imagine that the Beast wears a long cloak and a miniskirt whenever he meets potential contract-signers (to distract myself from the angst)
Hallan 6th Aug 11:25 AM, 2016
Congratulations. You just made me spit-take milk on my computer.
metaceryn 7th Aug 1:12 PM, 2016
I could see him regularly wearing a tunica or chiton, since he's such a gigantic neoclassical fanboy.
I'mNotSure 5th Aug 6:43 AM, 2016
This scene reminds me so much of the Disney version's 'come into the light' scene, I think Belle even makes that exact facial expression Beauty's mom makes in panel 2. If it's deliberate, lovely callback to a very influential retelling of the story, if not, hilarious coincidence
Samoa 5th Aug 8:58 AM, 2016
I was thinking the same thing! Especially with the quirked eyebrow in panels 2 and 4.
Naomi 5th Aug 2:32 PM, 2016
I freaking love Beast's wtf face
kenlon 5th Aug 4:42 PM, 2016
Hmm. She knows that whatever deal she's making here is going to set up one of her daughters to have to live with Beast, I think.

It's the only thing that makes the way she's eyeing him make sense.
Michael 25th Sep 4:33 PM, 2017
The three sisters are so different. Maybe only Beauty is her daughter.
melaredblu 6th Aug 12:05 AM, 2016
That might be my favorite "shots fired" line yet. Not mincing words today, are we?
Kukki 9th Aug 6:11 PM, 2016
I see what you did there:
AbigailBrooks 21st Jan 6:00 PM, 2017
This definitely reminds me of the "Come into the light" scene from the Disney version, but the Beast here is much more self-deprecating. "As abomination, at your service." Ouch. But also, interesting, since this repeats the idea that he is meant to help the humans who have come here to make contracts.
Michael 25th Apr 7:09 PM, 2017
what is this all about? I cant believe there is a future son in law inspected. For an unborn Baby. knitting a fate for the children? Nooo
Runtytiger 22nd Jan 12:38 AM, 2021
I kind of like the squint that Beauty’s mom is giving, a similar call back to the Disney’s “come into the light moment”. Was this intentional? Either way, it’s well utilized here!