Second Entr'Acte: 005

12th Aug 12:05 AM, 2016 in Entr'Acte 02
Second Entr'Acte: 005
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Aug 12:05 AM, 2016
Ooooh, shots fired!


Naomi 12th Aug 9:56 AM, 2016
*knew that was coming*
*still gasps*
The Doodler 12th Aug 9:56 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Join the $&@ club, pal.
Sophi(e)a 12th Aug 12:09 PM, 2016
The range of emotions Beast goes through in such a short time is heartbreaking.
Ann. Onymous 12th Aug 12:33 PM, 2016
The last panel is the best way to conclude a page that's basically an emotional rollercoaster. It's like she's saying, "Honestly, were you expecting anything else?"
Mar-ee 12th Aug 1:42 PM, 2016
Uhoh plot twisttttt
DS 12th Aug 11:27 PM, 2016
Oh snap! Someone didn't like the whole missing heart thing being visible, huh?
Cat 13th Aug 4:55 AM, 2016
"You're not--"
Neither are you, Beast. =P
Hallan 13th Aug 10:19 AM, 2016
Awesome. :) Way to go, MsMegan!
Larc 13th Aug 4:44 PM, 2016
By looking at Beast, Sometimes I feel like in Serial Experiments Lain...
Ariadne 13th Aug 8:35 PM, 2016
I feel like we're going in a Villaneuve direction. Maybe Beauty isn't exactly the daughter of a faery but she may have the same otherworldly perception her mother had. It's what the palace is drawn to.
metaceryn 14th Aug 2:22 AM, 2016
Elise is a BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Figure).
kenlon 15th Aug 4:02 PM, 2016
Of course she's not. She's a swan maiden.
Miss Elcia 1st Sep 1:03 AM, 2016
"something in you broke and you've let magic bleed in to fill the gap"
Is an awesome line!!
There is another "beast" in another fairytale medium that let magic fill the space in his several times broken heart but those writers didn't get quite this spot on with the powerful wording.
MsMegan 1st Sep 11:15 AM, 2016
I'm wracking my brain, but the only guess I can come up with is maybe Once Upon a Time?
AbigailBrooks 21st Jan 6:13 PM, 2017
So the Beast has to get his heart back before his curse can be broken. Good to know! I see that he tries to switch their conversation over to Magicspeak to try to get her to say what she is--she can't lie about it that way. She evades answering him at first, then seems almost derisive when she confirms that she's not human, as it to say, "Of course I'm not. Did you really think I was?"
Michael 25th Apr 7:38 PM, 2017
Not the same Level.
She stands higher. She is a full Magic personality he just the servant to make the contract. She can read him like a book.
Are they two sides of a coin in another Dimension? He Looks like a beast but there is a Young man inside and she Looks human but is truly something else?