Second Entr'Acte: 006

16th Aug 9:14 AM, 2016 in Entr'Acte 02
Second Entr'Acte: 006
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Aug 9:14 AM, 2016
that feel when your GF's mom owns you


Kirala 16th Aug 10:21 AM, 2016
I will LOVE it if Beauty's mom actually saw the solution and put it into play. Doubly so if she's thinking in terms of "I just met a potential future son-in-law. Let's move from 'potential' to 'actual'; I approve.*"

*not ignoring the fact that Beauty deserves to make her own choices about her fate, but there are only so many fates worse than death; limiting the number of happily-ever-afters to 1 is much better than 0.
The Doodler 16th Aug 11:55 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Calling it now: she traded some portion of her lifespan, or lifespan in human form, for Beauty, say...surviving infancy, and she (possibly?) made the trade with the woman who cursed the Beast.
Naomi 16th Aug 12:21 PM, 2016
I'm willing to bet you're right especially considering the swan maiden theory going around.
Kukki 16th Aug 12:35 PM, 2016
Did a person curse the Beast? From what we know so far, I gathered that when he had to give his dog a mercy killing, he washed the blood off his hands in the magic pool the stables guy told him was sacred. Dog/beast blood in a magic pool, he turned into a beast.

My other theory was that it appeared that woman who abused him (I'm guessing his mother?) did something to his dog (poisoned?), and Argus killed her in retaliation... and then washed *her* blood off in the pools and was cursed for it.

But these are just theories. :)
Kukki 16th Aug 12:38 PM, 2016
I agree with your theory that she traded her lifespan for Beauty's survival, but I don't think it's with that woman from the silhouetted flashbacks. Beast said he's lived the length of multiple lifespans as the beast. I kind of doubt the woman is still around. Or that Beauty's mom is that old.
Paula Richey 16th Aug 2:53 PM, 2016
Your theory is a lot less grim than mine - I'm thinking after poor Argus had to put down his dog, he then used the same knife on himself. Tried to carve out his own heart so he didn't have to feel the pain anymore, and the magic at the fountain (which fulfills desires) took his heart from him... and now he's stuck there in a different role he hates.
Poor guy is plagued by a bad case of Can't Win.
Michael 25th Apr 7:43 PM, 2017
Kind of my direction there. purely tragic.
The Doodler 16th Aug 3:27 PM, 2016
The Doodler
To be fair, Beauty's mom is like "No way, you're just a kid." That's assuming she can tell, but the Beast seemed startled, so...
Mar-ee 16th Aug 1:05 PM, 2016
And here comes the deal
kenlon 16th Aug 2:42 PM, 2016
Called it!
Cat 16th Aug 2:51 PM, 2016
It's 'feeling' that is the noun. Not 'feel'.

Also, Beauty's mom is basically saying "Shut up, the Power Of Love ALWAYS wins. Haven't you read fairytales before?"
Gamma 16th Aug 5:41 PM, 2016
Damn, I got the feels
Jess 16th Aug 9:55 PM, 2016
metaceryn 17th Aug 2:56 AM, 2016
MsMegan 18th Aug 11:40 AM, 2016
That feel when your readers are unfamiliar with the internet
Hallan 17th Aug 7:44 AM, 2016
Swan maiden confirmed! Woot!
Ariadne 18th Aug 2:35 AM, 2016
Aha! kenlon, you called it and, just like I thought, this seems to be more Villeneuve than Leprince de Beaumont. This is getting good... It's 425C with a dash of 400 crossed with 402 (Aarne-Thompson). Explains why she's nicknamed "little Duck", why Elise is always "gone" not (truly confirmed as) dead, the dreams where Beauty is wearing her own feathers... I have a feeling the garden would respond less to Beauty's father or sisters than with her.

Villeneuve could even explain the mysterious woman who may or may not be the cause behind Beast's transformation: the evil fairy Beast's mother hires to care for him tries to seduce him. Maybe...?

(It took me a long a$$ time to notice the shadow behind Elise...) *embarrassed*
MsMegan 18th Aug 11:40 AM, 2016
Bless you for your Aarne-Thompson shoutout, Ariadne!
Ariadne 18th Aug 2:46 PM, 2016
And doesn't Beauty's father read "The Giant Without a Heart" to the little baby (AT 302)? That fairytale has Norwegian origins. Do Beauty and her family live in Norway?
But there's also "Koschei the Deathless" who has a similar story; maybe Russia? And "Koschei" is almost like "Bluebeard" with the spouse disobeying their loved one's orders not to do the thing, but then they do the thing and the fit hits the shan (AT 312). And in "Koschei" he has to visit Baba Yaga and complete her tasks like Vasilisa, who is--in turn--the persecuted heroine (AT 510A).
Speaking of Russia, the original 1877 libretto of "Swan Lake" has actual true swan-maidens, who are a type of swan-shifting fae. Is that what Elise is?

I LOOOOVE how subtle it all is. I love all the references. If only more media would take a page out of Princess Tutu's book (and yours) and just made every reference! (Sorry for gushing but this is my favorite)
Kukki 23rd Aug 11:08 AM, 2016
What are all these numbers you're referring to?
MsMegan 23rd Aug 12:49 PM, 2016
the Aarne-Thompson index is a system of identifying major themes and archetypes in fairy and folk tales. Sort of an academic fairy tale TVTropes!
Michael 25th Apr 7:48 PM, 2017
I never came across the idea something like that would exist.
Alexandra 23rd Aug 3:06 AM, 2016
OMG! Have you noticed the background panel on the left top panel with Beauty's mom? It shows a swan with open wings!
MissElcia 1st Sep 1:11 AM, 2016
"Aarne-Thompson index is a system of identifying major themes and archetypes in fairy and folk tales. Sort of an academic fairy tale TVTropes!"
It seems I have homework to do, thank you! :D
AbigailBrooks 21st Jan 6:29 PM, 2017
Aaaaand the Swan Maiden theory seems to be confirmed by the silhouette in the first panel! My theory is that she gave up her swan form and, I'm guessing, her immortality in order to become human and have a family (she seems to have been around longer than the Beast, given how she calls him young).

Apparently her time has "always been limited," which could be a reference to her being mortal now, or it could be a nod to how Swan Maidens, upon finding their feather cloaks again after having their children, leave their human lives behind afterwards. Alternatively, maybe Elise was only given a specific stretch of time to live as a human--maybe twenty to fifty years or so.

Whatever the case might be, I think it's clear that she is giving up the remainder of her life to ensure Beauty's survival. If I was being more optimistic, I would postulate that maybe she's only giving up her humanity here. However, that would renege on what her first wish is implied to have been, and she just stated that she's not looking to regain what she lost the first time. So it seems like she's going to commit suicide to save Beauty's life....

HM IS THIS WHERE THE BEAST GOT THE IDEA FROM?! THANKS MOM! But in all seriousness, Elise is the definition of Too Cool to Live. I really do want a spin-off of her someday, because what little we do get of her is so intriguing.
Michael 25th Apr 8:03 PM, 2017
maybe she is giving up her humanity and love for her daughter, becoming what she has been before but not really looking Forward for that. Being sad to give up what she gained in the contract but happy to do it for the daughter. Always tragic with the contracts but she is ok with it and looking Forward to it.
Strong woman. With an I beam in the middle. But happiness is only for that Long and not forever (the loved husband is mortal anyway).
Michael 25th Apr 8:08 PM, 2017
sorry that might read wrong.
It should say "giving up her humanity and beloved husband for the life of her daughter"
Michael 25th Apr 7:55 PM, 2017
Soo, she is one of the few who are masters of their contract and get exactly what they wanted.
The end is ominous. plaining some path for her daughter? Hopefully not constructing a golden Cage again.

Magic seems to expand the lifetime of People but dont allow them to Age. So she aged in her Family became a mother and gained experience. While he has lived centuries but experienced nothing thus he still is the Young man from the beginning.