Act Three, Chapter One: 004

30th Aug 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 004
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Aug 12:00 AM, 2016
The return of everyone's favourite side-character: ambulatory hedges!


A. Eleazar 30th Aug 12:07 AM, 2016
I can't wait to see what happens next.
P.S. I hope you don't mind me citing your webcomic in this blog post of mine.
Mar-ee 30th Aug 12:12 AM, 2016
Yeapp here come the feels... Beast :(
Fluffy 30th Aug 12:15 AM, 2016
Get the flamethrower.
Exasperated Dwarf 30th Aug 12:53 AM, 2016
All that's coming out of my mouth is pained keening, and my sister thought I was having a heart attack
Hallan 30th Aug 1:04 AM, 2016
Ambulatory Hedge, I've got a chainsaw, a power hedgeclipper, and I live in a college town, so alcohol for Molotov cocktails is most emphatically not a problem. Moreso, I am a cartographer, so I do not get lost. If you make me come over there, you will not enjoy what happens next.
The Doodler 30th Aug 1:48 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Aaauuughhhh! D:
Cat 30th Aug 4:20 AM, 2016
"Welp, time to kill myself."
kenlon 30th Aug 2:00 PM, 2016
He doesn't have to do that.

All he has to do now is wait.
KatieKat 30th Aug 8:11 AM, 2016
He'll never have peace, will he?
prime_pm 30th Aug 8:39 AM, 2016
Begin the David Bowie music...
SableCarmela 30th Aug 9:58 AM, 2016
This comment just made me sadder!
MsMegan 30th Aug 11:01 AM, 2016
Live without the sunlight, love without your heart beating...?
Ariadne 31st Aug 12:37 AM, 2016
"The labyrinth doesn't look that hard. Well, come on feet."
Eventually he'll stumble across a worm who loves a good cuppa and just wants Beast to come inside and meet the missus.
britvulcan 30th Aug 10:37 AM, 2016
Those statues are all kinds of not ok.
Rosebook12 30th Aug 10:54 AM, 2016
Okay, so remember that vision of Beauty being held back by thorny branches that Beast saw in the fountain? I remember that someone commented that it's possible that this vision may happen when Beauty returns to the castle. I think this scene is further confirmation of that. Maybe the Beast is going to trade his life away in the evil hedge maze, and when Beauty comes to stop him, the maze holds her back with those thorns.
Kukki 30th Aug 1:32 PM, 2016
I wondered something similar.
the selkie wife 30th Aug 4:21 PM, 2016
who else wants to join me in the Shame Pit, aka ambulatory hedge fandom? we have fanfiction and an entry ban on shears and other pruning devices (ever since BeautyPocalypse Oct. 2014)
Sophi(e)a 30th Aug 4:30 PM, 2016
My mind immediately went to death, "for death" attaching itself to the end of Beast's "I'm ready." My heart hurts.
Fluffy 30th Aug 6:27 PM, 2016
Is it wrong that every time I see hedge mazes, I think of a frozen Jack Nicholson?
Stitchlingbelle 30th Aug 7:05 PM, 2016
NOOOOO not good

Also: I'm pretty sure "don't go down dark alleys" was the first thing my dad ever taught me, Beast, where the heck is yours?
MsMegan 31st Aug 11:05 AM, 2016
That is a very, very good question to be asking. I might even answer it later!
Jessie Blue 31st Aug 3:07 PM, 2016
Jessie Blue
Kirala 1st Sep 11:07 PM, 2016
I was debating whether to follow the link (and whether it might just be spam), but then I saw the end of the URL. And yes. That is the perfect reaction.

<img src="">
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 12:53 PM, 2017
"I'm ready [to face my death in the center of the creepy maze]." Nooooooo! I'm betting that Beauty will have to dive into that maze to save him in the climax. When that happens, we'll probably be in for some visions of her mother and his, I imagine.