Act Three, Chapter One: 005

2nd Sep 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 005
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Sep 12:00 AM, 2016
Oh, lovely. Locations I fudged four years ago and now have to deal with. Be smart, guys. Figure out your sets.


Mar-ee 2nd Sep 12:01 AM, 2016
Ohh we're heading for flashbacks probably, either way I'm excited to see what happens next:)
Fluffy 2nd Sep 12:02 AM, 2016
Home Sweet Home?
Alexandra 2nd Sep 4:49 AM, 2016
Is it me or the reflection is looking at Beauty?
prime_pm 2nd Sep 8:18 AM, 2016
"Psst...wash me."
Exasperated Dwarf 2nd Sep 9:58 AM, 2016
It's looking at her.
Kukki 2nd Sep 10:09 AM, 2016
Yup, definitely. Dream sequence?
DS 2nd Sep 11:12 AM, 2016
Did that once. Never actually plotted out the rooms the characters were in so I just threw in doorways leading to more doorways. It was like doorway inception. The house was doorways all the way down. Doorways for days. Learned my lesson there.
Sophi(e)a 2nd Sep 12:40 PM, 2016
This page is beautifully drawn, and very much portrays the mood.
Stitchlingbelle 2nd Sep 3:54 PM, 2016
"We screwed up big time, didn't we?"
metaceryn 3rd Sep 4:15 PM, 2016
"By the way, MsMegan?"
"Do you know where the washtub is?"
"No. Go ask Virtue."
"Dad said she was out by the chicken coop, but we don't have one."
"Why are you doing this to me."
"It's just that...I wasn't gone that long, but it doesn't feel like home anymore, you know?"
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 12:54 PM, 2017
So Beauty made it home safely, but does not look happy about being back. Is she missing the Beast, I wonder?