Act Three, Chapter One: 011

23rd Sep 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 011
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 23rd Sep 12:00 AM, 2016
Temperance attempts sensitivity


Mar-ee 23rd Sep 12:21 AM, 2016
Just to clarify she's referring how time's passed for them during her departure right? Or is this like a hint she hasn't told them she left on her own?

And ohhh got something to hide there Beauty 8B? *Noticing the blush*
Kukki 23rd Sep 2:03 PM, 2016
She wants to know what happened, as in why Beauty would suddenly disappear and for so long, and then suddenly show up again.

But she also is making sure that Beauty wasn't molested or raped.
metaceryn 23rd Sep 1:56 AM, 2016

It's not very effective...


TEMPERANCE is confused!

She intends to ice the m*********er that abducted BEAUTY in her confusion!
mistressdizzy 23rd Sep 1:59 AM, 2016
*SNORT* The "something happened" has 2 very different meanings here. I love it.
metaceryn 23rd Sep 2:26 AM, 2016
"It's not like that! There was just some light petting and nuzzling!"


"Ok, it was pretty heavy nuzzling, but we'd already slept together by then!"

MsMegan 26th Sep 10:41 PM, 2016
Stop reading ahead of the rest of the class, Metaceryn.
Kawaii overload!!! 23rd Sep 6:14 PM, 2016
I only now just noticed this, but there's a tiny inconsistency with the bandage on Beauty's right hand. In some shots here and on the previous page, it's not there.
Just thought I'd bring this up in case you missed it yourself, MsMegan.
MsMegan 27th Sep 4:09 PM, 2016
I honestly just need to put a post-it on my screen about this.
Young Kullervo 26th Sep 11:29 AM, 2016
I found your comic via i09 and devoured it in one evening. I found myself attached the characters almost instantly, having to put my phone down out of anxiety and nervousness throughout several key moments. Bravo, and I will keep my eyes here for updates.
MsMegan 26th Sep 10:41 PM, 2016
Thank you so much!! I'm sort of flabbergasted at how many hits are pinging in today! Now, do I dial the angst UP or DOWN... hmm
Young Kullervo 27th Sep 2:47 PM, 2016
Please just continue as you were.
Shiro Zeta 26th Sep 8:47 PM, 2016
Not one for web comics but after I saw the io9 article I gave this a try. I was hooked immediately and read it all in one night. Hell I'm not even a fan of the Beauty & the Beast story but your creation is outstanding!
MsMegan 26th Sep 10:40 PM, 2016
Well, thanks for giving me a shot! I appreciate it! If you prefer to get your comics offline I do have the first two acts available in print. ;P
Shiro Zeta 27th Sep 7:47 PM, 2016
Haha please don't take it the wrong way, it's more so I don't find the time to look up webcomics. Got both volumes on the way. FYI volume one doesn't show up under the "Books" section on your store. I kinda panicked and bought it off of Amazon instead...
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 1:16 PM, 2017
"You'd tell us if anything...y'know, /happened/, wouldn't you?" As awkwardly phrased as this is (because Temperance is a bit of a blunt person), I'm actually very glad that Temperance was both the one who asked this question and that she did it in private like this. While we know that the Beast didn't abuse Beauty in any way, if he had, I imagine Beauty would have an easier time sharing it with one person first than sharing it with her whole family at once. She would only need to worry about the reaction of one person, rather than the group, if her answer was "yes." At the same time, I also think Temperance would probably handle hearing about it the best--I feel like their father would get caught up in his anger, Claude would be awkward about it, and Virtue would start hovering and crying over Beauty. None of those reactions would be wrong, of course, but Temperance seems to be the one most likely to handle it calmly, which would make it easier for Beauty to tell the others later, since she'd have Temperance as her support.

Of course, now that Beauty has answered /this way/, Temperance's assumptions are probably going to go into the other direction--that something did happen, but it was consensual--since Beauty is blushing so hard.