Act Three, Chapter One: 012

27th Sep 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 012
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th Sep 12:00 AM, 2016
Wow, so welcome to the party, 2500-odd new readers who showed up via the io9 article! Hope some of you decide to stick around for the angst-filled conclusion!

For those of you who were asking, you can purchase the first two acts in paperback from the store (or from me at conventions!) and there is a PDF of the first volume available via subscription to my admittedly sparse Patreon!

Thanks so much, guys!


Mar-ee 27th Sep 12:01 AM, 2016
Ohhhhh awkward moment thereeee.
Fluffy 27th Sep 12:09 AM, 2016
That feel when your little sister who was missing for months comes back and starts talking like she was in one of those steamy forbidden romance novels you read once a while back when you were bored...
metaceryn 27th Sep 1:26 AM, 2016
I don't see her reading steamy forbidden romance novels so much as working them over with a red pen, like "...this scene is dumb.......protagonist is interest is an, let me tell you what barns actually smell like........'tumescent' is misspelled........ugh, that's not what leather oil is even for..."
MsMegan 27th Sep 10:10 AM, 2016
Temperance actually makes reasonable bank with a series of increasingly specific erotic ebooks released under various suggestive pennames. She paid for that shed HERSELF.
metaceryn 27th Sep 2:01 PM, 2016
I cannot express, using mere words, how much I love this 100% Said By The Author Canon idea.

Between her classical education, and the fact that she was an accomplished writer with a fairly academic-sounding bent before they moved to the cottage, I want to believe her specialties are classical author/philosopher/poet slashfic and erotically-charged literary criticism.

Hell, The Sexy Symposium basically writes itself.
MsMegan 27th Sep 4:11 PM, 2016
I dare you.
Cat 27th Sep 5:04 PM, 2016
That feel I get when people use the TRANSACTIVE word 'feel' on themselves. 'Feel' to use on yourself is wrong; it's feeling. You can only use 'feel' as a noun when it comes to doing something to someone else: ie. coping a feel on someone.
the selkie wife 27th Sep 5:29 PM, 2016
dude, this is the internet. embrace the evolution of language.


that feel when people refuse to acknowledge the usefulness and versatility of modern internet slang, and how this slang delves heavily into the use of metaphor to express the commentor's intent quickly and effectively.

Bird 27th Sep 10:17 PM, 2016
That feel when you point out that the informal vernacular used on the internet, much like AAVE, is no better or worse than standard English in relation to clarity in regards to those who use it in non-academic settings, thus allowing for flexibility in diction and syntax among members of the in-group.

Linguistics is a beautiful field to be in right now. ;)
Siva 28th Sep 9:09 AM, 2016
Linguistics is a beautiful field to fangirl, at the very least. :)
Cat 29th Sep 5:48 PM, 2016
Doesn't matter if it's the internet or informal, it's still WRONG. Misusing a word like that makes the writer sound dumb, like they are too stupid to know the difference between a verb (to feel) and noun (feeling).
Just reading 'feel' when it's being used improperly is like my eyes are being raped.
the selkie wife 29th Sep 6:02 PM, 2016
that feel when somebody equates new forms of evolving linguistics and grammar to rape bc they're salty that teenagers are being innovative and re-defining language.
Sway 29th Sep 6:26 PM, 2016
Language must evolve because we evolve. That which is useless will die and fade while the words and their evolutions that are useful will linger and potentially become a semi-permanent part of our very diverse language. There is nothing wrong with this. The purpose of language is to convey meaning and establish a reliable form of communication between people. If you can understand what they are saying, it accomplishes that goal. And given your expert use of the word in the form which you apparently hate, I'd say you understand just fine.

And I swear to god, Cat, if your name is actually Liz, I will laugh SO hard. Of course, if it isn't, then this sentence makes no sense, but I'm willing to risk confusion on the off-chance that you are someone I know.
MsMegan 29th Sep 6:44 PM, 2016
Cat, I've had to reply to you regarding tone in the comments section before. Please keep discourse civil and on-topic so I don't have to start policing the comments section.
Skatie 27th Sep 12:32 AM, 2016
Wait, angst-filled conclusion...? *lip wobble*
ChiOfTheTripod 27th Sep 12:37 AM, 2016
Ah, the reality of the prodigal daughter's return. Lots of great build up and suspense as we get nearer to a conclusion. At the same time, lots of questions about Beauty's swan-mother remain! This story had me so hooked I've read everything in one day. Keep up the amazing work. I'm eagerly awaiting my physical books I've just ordered from you. Squee!
rufiangel 27th Sep 12:56 AM, 2016
"He's never done anything I didn't want."

*Rufi's heart melts* :'D <3

Beautiful work with the expressions on this page <3 lookit gobsmacked Temperance XD
metaceryn 27th Sep 1:08 AM, 2016
Yes, Temperance, as unbelievable and fantastical as it all may seem, your baby sister...has found a man. (Careless Whisper plays in the background)

Also, hello new readers! GET READY TO CRY
mistressdizzy 27th Sep 1:35 AM, 2016


Pooknow 27th Sep 2:00 AM, 2016
Wow. Just read through the last 4 years in one geekified afternoon. I knew I'd hit the wall, but it still hurt. Lovely,lovely work. Thank you.
Kawaii overload!!! 27th Sep 6:02 AM, 2016
Uh oh. Temperance is getting a different idea of who you're talking about from your own words, Beauty.
Time for you to explain that "he" does in fact refer to the beast—given that he did admit to being human once—and not to some random other human guy.
kenlon 27th Sep 6:19 AM, 2016
Called it! She's so very conflicted right now - because she's still feeling this way when he has no direct power over her.

Don't worry, Beauty, it's love, not Stockholm Syndrome.
Yoshi Toranaga 27th Sep 8:40 AM, 2016
Hello, I am one of those odd new readers who found your site via the i09 article. Glad to have found you, I've been reading through your archive for the past couple of days and have really enjoyed the characters, the setting and the unfolding storyline. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your talent.
Stitchlingbelle 27th Sep 10:29 AM, 2016
I legit cracked up when I saw Temperance's face.
Paula Richey 27th Sep 11:34 AM, 2016
Welcome to the fold, new readers! I'm going to have to binge-read this series from the beginning yet again just to catch all the new commentary!
Buckle up, buttercups, you're in for it now :D
Sophi(e)a 27th Sep 4:32 PM, 2016
I love this comic more with each update.
Guest 27th Sep 4:54 PM, 2016
This is so insanely good. I just binge-read the whole thing from this morning and I'm completely hooked. This is what I wish more commercially-published comics/ graphic novels were like. This has heart and soul and beautiful mystery, and it's so well drawn and written. Wonderful work, and I'm so looking forward to following it to the end.
the selkie wife 27th Sep 5:31 PM, 2016
I'm so glad your comic is getting more and more readers - the art style is so gorgeous and the story so deftly handled that it's kind of insane to me how sparse the comments were on occasion.

(ofc i am also guilty of this, since i lurked for like 3 years before finally commenting about 6 months ago lol)
MsMegan 27th Sep 5:39 PM, 2016
Haha, I'm a total lurker on every comic I read, so I can't get too upset at anyone for it! I LOVE getting comments (well. I love 95% of them. I take negative ones way too much to heart. I'm mostly made of pastry and a come apart easily) but I also do get to see the stats, so I knew people were reading... just quietly! ;)
GG 27th Sep 10:55 PM, 2016
I remember watching a page of your comic years ago and I was a bit regretful I forgot to bookmark it at that moment.
As many others pointed out already, a recommended article on my phone brought me here and I couldn't be happier!
StormRider 28th Sep 3:09 AM, 2016
I found this comic last night from an article on Google.
Beauty and The Beast has been one of my five favorite fairy tales since I was little. Let me just say that in the past 24 hours I have smiled, cried, groaned in frustration and flailed like my seven year old when she sees anything pink. I am utterly enamored with your work, and have even posted a link on Facebook with the imprecation "I found an awesome thing and you must go read it now!"
Followed by "seriously, why aren't you reading it!?"
Beautifully done and I can't wait to read more!
mystra 28th Sep 9:55 PM, 2016
I came because of the iO9 article...last nite and read all the way through till the newest. Loving the comic and the beautiful work. Well done!
Chapmau 29th Sep 12:47 AM, 2016
noooo I just read it all up to here and now I will have to wait a long time for the ending... =( You have me hooked though.
Ju_Dragon 29th Sep 2:37 AM, 2016
I learned about this comic only yesterday and read everything in one afternoon <3 love your comic and love the artwork!very curious as to how the story is going to evolve from here.
rob 29th Sep 10:58 PM, 2016
...well love your comic... now i have another to keep checking on,, thanks to namesake...
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 1:23 PM, 2017
Beauty is very clearly squirming now and her "He's never done anything I didn't want" leaves the door open to a lot of intimate things having happened between her and the Beast (which yeah, they kind of did, but if I were Temperance, my brain would jump to "They slept together, didn't they?").

Temperance's expression is hilarious. She's like, "What the f#$%, Beauty? You banged the Beast? But...he's not...human...and he was your captor...what the f#$%?" (or "Oh my god I'm the last virgin in the family, aren't I?"). Her shock is perfectly understandable, but her dumbfounded expression makes me laugh so hard.
Michael 25th Apr 8:54 PM, 2017
THAT BEAST and You? To what extend??