Act Three, Chapter One: 014

4th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 014
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the new readers who landed here via the media attention BATB got from io9! And also THANK YOU to all the Dear Readers who've been here over the last few years. It's an absolute blessing to have you along for the ride, and your kind comments are precious to me. Thanks for hanging in there with me while these sad, silly babies work out their messy, messy, feelings.

And while we're at it... Who shall they be for Halloween this year?!


Fluffy 4th Oct 12:13 AM, 2016
-stretches fingers- My time has come!
-Dress them in Disney BATB attire
-Hades and Persephone
-Beast King and Saliphie from Niehime to Kemono no Ou (super good series. super cute.)
-Sailor Moon Attire! (Beast would look cute as a Tuxedo Mask)
That's what I got so far!
-Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle

And that is what I have for now. Hopefully that sparked some ideas.
-disappears back into the cave from where I have once came-
the selkie wife 4th Oct 2:49 AM, 2016
I second Hades and Persephone!
Guest 4th Oct 4:39 PM, 2016
I fourth Hades and Persephone!
Guest 5th Oct 2:50 AM, 2016
Disney BATB, Sailor Moon or Worf and Jadzia.
Mar-ee 4th Oct 12:17 AM, 2016
Ohhhh I wonder what's happenin' in the bottom panel. Ohhh can't wait for the next update :3
Chi 4th Oct 12:28 AM, 2016
Oh, mystery! And you brought the (enchanted?) rose back to our attention. Circles and circles.

And... "Goliath & Elisa" from Gargoyles
Caro 4th Oct 1:27 AM, 2016
I second Goliath and Eliza! Eliza dressed up as Beauty for Halloween in one episode, so it's only fitting a Beauty dresses up as Eliza for a change! :D
metaceryn 4th Oct 2:20 AM, 2016
I enthusiastically support the Goliath & Eliza theme, but if we're all putting in suggestions...Worf & Jadzia Dax?
Sophi 4th Oct 12:59 PM, 2016
Oh yes please! My OTP
Aroura Nightshade 4th Oct 11:28 AM, 2016
I think you should do a phantom of the opera, phantom with Christine. That would be awesome!

(I third the Hades and Persephone one)
sarah 4th Oct 5:42 PM, 2016
Yes! Phantom of the opera!
Azvolrien 4th Oct 11:43 AM, 2016
I second Fluffy's proposal of Howl and Sophie, for Reasons.
TolkienOverTwilight 4th Oct 7:37 PM, 2016
I'm still here, still love this comic. I come to check up on it every few weeks and catch up. I got my copy of Act II in the mail and I absolutely love it. Thank you for this story, I'm so excited to see the ending!!! (However bitter sweet that may be)
Exasperated Dwarf 5th Oct 4:46 PM, 2016
I fourth Hades and Persephone.
Miss Elcia 5th Oct 10:47 PM, 2016
OOh I support either Goliath and Elisa from Gargoyles ... or ... Hades and Persephone (for which I can't help but suggest any fans of the myth go look up Anaïs Mitchell's Hadestown if are not already familiar with it)

On commic topic, I'm impressed that Temperance actually lets Beauty get away with that utter lack of explanation. But Beauty better not thing a "glad you're home" is the end of this conversation, not when she's that obviously "off"
the selkie wife 6th Oct 4:48 PM, 2016
also an observation before tomorrow's update:

if the text below is from pre-curse argus, as i think it is, is it gonna be little bby argus who just got his nose broken last we saw? adult argus who (timeline wise) was ... with his lady friend last time? i think? OR is it gonna be Awkward Teen argus??

AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 1:31 PM, 2017
Awww, Temperance, you are precious. Beauty seems to be happy to be home, too, but her looking at the rose makes me think she's still torn about leaving the Beast behind. As for the panels at the bottom of the page--is this a conversion between the Beast and the ruler of the castle (which seems less than likely, considering he was going into the maze the last time we saw him, and we appear to be inside a room in this scene) or is this a flashback to young Argus? And who would he be talking to? His mother or his lover?