Act Three, Chapter One: 015

7th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 015
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 7th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016
Is this going well? I think this is going well.


Mar-ee 7th Oct 12:26 AM, 2016
Always kinda figured this mysterious woman was someone who broke his heart or was one of his first experience with heartache. But hmmm a forbidden to marry... this is gonna be interesting next page I mean 8B
The_Rippy_One 19th Nov 8:03 AM, 2018
I've had him pegged as a high noble or a prince for a fairly long while. She's noble, but not <i>that</i> noble, as it were. And given his, no that won't be ending well...
metaceryn 7th Oct 12:55 AM, 2016
Oh yeah, it's going great and absolutely no one will be making any impulsive decisions with profoundly horrible consequences because of it.
Fluffy 7th Oct 1:50 AM, 2016
Aaaaye! It's this guy again!
Alexandra 7th Oct 2:11 AM, 2016

I'm sure she threatened her. Or else she is the reason he made the wrong desicions.
melaredblu 7th Oct 4:13 AM, 2016
Seems to me like she's being kind of unfair to him here. As they say, it takes two to tango. Even if he's "clinging" to her, she was part of the relationship too. It's not all his doing.
Cat 7th Oct 5:30 AM, 2016
Lady, considering how often fairy tales included "forbidden" marriages being allowed because Power Of Love, your argument is moot.
ChiOfTheTripod 7th Oct 11:42 AM, 2016
This is playing out very differently than I imagined, do huzzah for surprises.
I was worried you foreshadowed a bigger tragedy; Argue knocked up his lady, gave her the herbal "remedy" but wasn't careful enough and confused one of the herbs for a poison, lady dies, guilt, woe, tragedy! So this seems more nuanced. Looking forward to more!
Larc 7th Oct 12:01 PM, 2016
(This situation is so relatable e.e I kinda know what she's feeling)

I wonder why they can't be together...
Classism? Incest? Is he such a dreamer?
Sophi(e)a 7th Oct 12:12 PM, 2016
I read it as classism. But I could be wrong.
metaceryn 7th Oct 6:22 PM, 2016
Almost guaranteed to be classism, since BeastMom was primarily concerned about illegitimate children.
Cee 8th Oct 2:29 PM, 2016
Oh no I'm all caught up!! D8 What shall I do now? Work, I guess... *sigh*
Guest 9th Oct 10:11 AM, 2016

Yeah, Argus' nosy mother had already hinted that, when she insinuated that the girl could get an abortion with certain herbs...

Of course the psycho-bitch never will allow her son to get a non-profitable marry - let alone allow him to be happy!
Michael 25th Apr 9:05 PM, 2017
his mother doesnt care about happiness. That is all weakness and stands in the way of his career and her power.
Guest 11th Oct 8:04 PM, 2016
So confused I thought Argus didn't have a father? The man earlier said it was his place to teach him since there was no father!?
I can't wait to get to this cleared up I'm extremely confused now, but this makes it intrestingthats for sure.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 1:36 PM, 2017
I think Argus is in love with the idea of being in love, or with his idealized version of this woman, than actually in love with her. A lot of first loves are like that, and it's clear that she's not as smitten with him as he is with her. As for them marrying--she's just not that into him, it sounds like, and even if she was, they couldn't be together due to what seems to be class differences.
Michael 25th Apr 9:09 PM, 2017
She is more rational in a bad way.
Maybe closer to his mom in her mindset as anybody would want. Seeing him as step upwards but realizing now that this way is a deadend. Maybe his mom already poisoned her mind, who knows.
Another big heartache for him.