Act Three, Chapter One: 017

14th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 017
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016
You know, my original notes for this scene called for much stronger dialogue and implications, but then I realized this book was being stocked in the kids section a lot so...uh... yeah. I've dialed it back a touch in a few areas.


Mar-ee 14th Oct 12:12 AM, 2016
I'm not entirely sure what happens, I got a guess but whatever happens. I can't say I feel entirely bad.

The dog/hound meant a great deal to him. Sooo.... yeah lady you just don't do that. Would have been better to WALK away.
DS 14th Oct 1:31 AM, 2016
There's his eye. Things are going downhill mighty fast.

Are you ok with it being marketed to children? We've gotten better at not automatically assuming any and all comics are meant to be read by children but I have mixed feelings when creators talk about self-censoring. I want to read the story they come up with, not a sanitized version made to avoid parental outrage or scarring children or whatever. Not criticizing you for your choice but it's not the first time I've seen it come up.
Cat 14th Oct 6:30 AM, 2016
It's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast; most people assume it'd be for kids. Heck, they put that "Beast's Tale", that was supposed to tell THE Disney's Beast's past to the readers... and marketed it towards children. Despite it having murder, abusive relationships, forgotten aesops AND three really obnoxious witches.
DS 14th Oct 7:22 AM, 2016
Oh my. o_O I was thinking of one comic in particular where the language got cleaned up but the story has quite a bit of murder and mayhem. It's like they're worried about the characters cussing but they're ok with people's faces being melted off? Ok...
Helena 15th Oct 6:31 PM, 2016

Eeww, that book was really bad. Gaston as the princes' former friend? No way in Hell.
Chug 14th Oct 2:01 AM, 2016
I'm really curious as to your original dialogue. Since comments aren't part of the book, could you tell us here what it was going to be?
txinaz 14th Oct 2:40 AM, 2016
you just had to bring up the dog again
metaceryn 14th Oct 2:53 AM, 2016
Mmmm, yes, the unmistakable feeling that this conversation just went right off the rails.
the selkie wife 14th Oct 2:56 AM, 2016
well now you done did it lady.



Kirala 14th Oct 8:06 AM, 2016
^^ This. All this.
Kawaii overload!!! 14th Oct 5:44 AM, 2016
Welp. That sent my comment about her marrying Argus to become future queen flying out the window. You know, since she just said that he's a b*stard child and all.
Kirala 14th Oct 8:10 AM, 2016
It's actually not uncommon, abuse victims seeking out new abusers - sometimes your psychology adapts to that as "normal" no matter how much you know it's wrong. And doubly so when the abuse victim was a child in the control of their abuser.

Our poor Argus. He deserves much better. Kinda starting to wonder if THIS was the "her" who triggered Aornis's death...!
Cat 14th Oct 6:27 AM, 2016
And this woman is on my shit-list for not understanding how horrible a beloved animal's death is. You, lady, deserve to get slapped or whatever Argus is about to do, for that comment.
The Doodler 14th Oct 9:01 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Poor guy can't feel it now, but he's dodged a bullet with her turning him down.
Mums 14th Oct 9:11 AM, 2016
That is not a look of weeping despair in those eyes--that's a look of rage and helplessness. Young lady, ya MIGHT just miss that appointment with the king...permanently.

I'm beginning to understand how and why he gave up his heart...
Willi 14th Oct 9:30 AM, 2016
Are not dumb and not supposed to be put in Cotton candy until they find out the world is different.
I found a book "the Nibelungen" with my parents when I was six. Lots of intrigues, blood and dead, not much sex though sigfried secretly replaced gunther in bed because that ass was afraid not to be strong enough. I found it all very interesting and understood much more than the adults thought. Look at the old fairy tales. Lots of cruelty and violence (not anderson). Children are cruel and violent by nature it is counterproductive to drown them in a lie.

Lots of parents try to do that nowadays. It really is a pain in the ass. What are they afraid of? Giving answers to intelligent questions? are they afraid they dont have answers? To appear stupid?

I dont like pornographic things shared with children to make that clear. But i am not afraid to talk about sex. In old times on the farm, children knew about whats going on before they started with School.

Of course as an author you have to be careful with your audience and all that. I understand and accept when you are straight with a concept.
Willi 14th Oct 9:34 AM, 2016
of yours do find a lot of psychological aspects in your art. I very much appreciate that. for example about how abused People often seek new abusers or become one later in their own life.
Willi 14th Oct 10:09 AM, 2016
Sorry, thought the title was displayed too.
Kay 14th Oct 10:14 AM, 2016
Ooh, can we get the original dialogue version on Patreon as a perk? :D
Guest 14th Oct 12:51 PM, 2016
I get this, I do. This is an awful thing to say to a person. But I think context is key here. As much as I want to blame this women and her cruel words, it seems to me Argus might have been using her as an emotional crutch. (beset by melancholy) suggests an unhealthy mindset, well like a fancy old fashion way of saying 'you're always depressed and emotional.' It makes sense, trying to find love with someone because he didn't get any in his youth. The fact that his dogs death hit him so hard suggests he's very starved of affection, and given the time period, if you didn't get it from your family or a wife/lover then you weren't gonna get it.

What really got me pages back was when he told her he loved her in a flashback. She said nothing, which should have been a big red flag (and it was) but the fact he then asked 'did you hear what I said?' also brought up a red flag in the way he was acting. I don't know, that moment and this begging for her to stay now...

If the mother did kill the dog because he wouldn't stop seeing this woman, that's not her fault, even if she is being completely callus about the animals death.

If he does hit her in the next page tho, I don't care how hurt his feelings are, he puts himself completely in the wrong.
Mad Hatter 14th Oct 6:23 PM, 2016
Oh lady you did NOT just bring the dog's death. Especially since it was probably with him for 3-7 years at least and the closest thing he had to a best friend. This is particularly upsetting to me because I lost my eight year old dog a few months ago to cancer.
flatbear 15th Oct 12:05 PM, 2016
Oh, no. Do not dis the dog. Don't you dare, little girl. You are in for a good slap. I don't care *how* much a pissbaby Argus was; dog is family.
Fluffy 15th Oct 5:07 PM, 2016
Ho boy… we are getting close to the “Mortal Sin” Argus committed then….
I remember back in like 2013, when we neared Halloween, we got to see the shocker that was Beast’s eating habits and the fact that he almost mistook Beauty for his next meal. Perhaps this Halloween we will get to see more blood??… And a transformation sequence (but not the good magical girl kind)?
Helena 15th Oct 6:28 PM, 2016
My, what a sensitive girl! You'll be better without her, Argus.
FractalDawn 15th Oct 11:23 PM, 2016
I recently found this and I am so glad I did! And living on pins and needles these days.

I am very disappointed in his ex-girlfriend here. She was clearly very good for him, and enjoys his company, but looking to part ways is no excuse to be cruel. And coming from the abusive past he has, any affection must have meant so much, and after all the love he and Aornis shared... oof. I see we are getting closer to that Mortal Sin and I am deeply afraid of what it is. Considering we've already seen him hit self-destructively depressed... well, I worry.

I really love the innocence mixed with sexual tension throughout Beast (Argus?) and Beauty's relationship, and the other fairytale bells on it make me shiver with glee. I also have really been enjoying this take on his psyche; it's really an interesting one and closely akin to one I'd been hoping to find in a Beauty-and-Beast retelling for a while.

I keep wanting more new pages all the time. Too much excitement!
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 2:24 PM, 2017
Ugh, I have a suspicion this is the first time this woman has made her true thoughts and feelings known to him. She's clearly not the person he thought she was.

The fact that Argus is a royal bastard clears up the question of his status in court. It also solves a plot hole that many BATB adaptations don't address, especially if the prince is missing from court for decades/centuries--the "who is ruling the country if the prince is missing and his parents are dead/not in the picture?" problem. Villeneuve's version has it so the queen is ruling while the prince is cursed, so he's only missing for a few years and the alibi behind his disappearance is plausible. But other versions hand-wave it, which can be confusing and/or vexing depending on the version (like Disney's. I love that movie, but it's only been ten years and the people know that the castle is there, so did no one ask what had happened to their prince or where he'd gone? Who has been ruling the country since then? Do they all just accept him as their ruler after he wasn't in the picture for ten years? How do they even known it is him and not an imposter?). By keeping Argus out of the line of succession, this problem becomes moot. It's a clever way to both have Argus be a prince by blood, but not in the way that matters politically down the line.

As for the woman's observations of Argus--that he's "beset by melancholy"--yeah, he would be depressed considering the ambiguity of his social status, the lack of involvement of his father in his life, and his mother's abuse. Also, I'm going to be honest girl, but I don't think I want to know someone who wouldn't cry over their beloved pet's death. It's only natural to grieve over the death of a loved one, even if that loved one isn't human. Especially if you, like Argus, had to be the one to put your pet down. You really are better off without this girl, Argus buddy.

Michael 25th Apr 9:37 PM, 2017
always good comments from you.
I think she is in her mindset too Close to his mom. How many People he met were like that?
Cold hearted, Money chasing, look addicted bitches.