Act Three, Chapter One: 018

18th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 018
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016
In response to some of the comments on the last update, I didn't make huge changes between the original draft and this one. It was more that I opted to go with less colourful language, and decided against staging the scene in the bedroom.

I don't write BATB with any audience in mind except myself, and I haven't really pulled any punches for fear of scarring kiddies. I was surprised that younger readers were getting anything out of it, honestly, since I think so much of it operates in subtext (perhaps I flatter myself?) but I guess that's how fairy tales often go. A simple narrative full of murky pits for the psyche to muck about in...Though judging by some of the comments I get, I should consider putting some slightly more salacious content behind a paywall somewhere! Goodness!


Mar-ee 18th Oct 12:10 AM, 2016
Well glad to see that this was proven wrong and all he did was yell.

She may be right, but she's still being witchy over it. Oh Argus it hurts now but people like her aren't worth even crying over.
Fluffy 18th Oct 12:14 AM, 2016
Argus is that one character that you don't see angry often and when you do, it's pretty freaking terrifying.
mira 18th Oct 1:14 AM, 2016
I still think she's deliberately trying to get him to hate her so he doesn't try and confront the king
the selkie wife 18th Oct 3:33 AM, 2016
be careful what you wish for, dear Argus......

(also - nice transition there)
Cat 18th Oct 5:32 AM, 2016
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Argus.
Seriously? YOU start having sex with YOUR FATHER'S MISTRESS and, yet, SHE is the unfaithful one?!

That's it. Argus is a Pot that is calling Kettle woman here black.
Krista 18th Oct 6:54 AM, 2016
Where did you get that? It's the other way around. They were together, and now she's dumping him to become the mistress.
Michael 25th Apr 9:43 PM, 2017
the father is the better Option. Clearly a manipulative heartless bitch.
DS 18th Oct 7:09 AM, 2016
MsMegan, thank you for the clarification. For what it's worth, my comment was made based on what other people have done in the past and their varying reasons. No need to turn your story into anything salacious if it was never your intent. If you're happy with what you're doing, that's what matters. It's when people aren't happy or feel they have to fit a certain mold, that I think it becomes problematic.

Poor Argus though. :(
Allison 18th Oct 8:18 AM, 2016
It's a wonder Argus let Beauty in as much as he did if this is how his first romance ended.
Caro 18th Oct 8:55 AM, 2016
Am I the only one who's scared now that he'll eventually push her out of the window?!
DS 18th Oct 10:34 PM, 2016
It's certainly setting itself up for a possible defenestration. D:
Stitchlingbelle 18th Oct 10:37 AM, 2016
A+++++ comeback, Argus!
Meaghan 18th Oct 12:41 PM, 2016
MsMegan 18th Oct 5:47 PM, 2016
Bless your Are You Afraid of the Dark reference
Helena 18th Oct 2:24 PM, 2016
The old "at least I'm honest" thing. I heard that of a boy once, when he admitted that he had no feelings, just lust for me.

Hmm...the path that took Argus to become the Beast is getting clearer.
Cat 19th Oct 7:09 AM, 2016
Why not? Better to be honest on what your intentions with the other person are, rather than drag them along with lies.

Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken, als ein Schrecken ohne Ende.
Helena 20th Oct 4:31 PM, 2016
But at first, he pretended to like the same things that I did - animation, comics, art - in order to seduce me. When I said it was too soon, he showed his true colours.
Michael 25th Apr 10:09 PM, 2017
i am afraid she was acting all along just for Money and Position. The king is the better Option so drop the stupid bastard.
She is a manipulative bitch, thats what she is. A bad copy of his mom.
Guest 18th Oct 3:12 PM, 2016
Ah yes, the old 'Imma stand in front of a high window with my back to the person I just royally pissed off' trick. Always guaranteed to result in a long, happy life that doesn't end in plummeting!
whiskeyii 18th Oct 9:26 PM, 2016
Hello, new reader here! It embarrasses me to think that a few years ago, I would've been totally on Argus' side. (How dare she not "reward" his devotion? Oh, younger me, shame on you.) Thankfully, plenty of wonderfully complex and feminist webcomics and media revolving around nuanced and complex relationships has opened me up to the point where I can't help but feel that "She" is in the right. She wanted a fling, he wanted more, and she backed off rather than let herself be pressured into a relationship she didn't want. (Plus the whole implication of this being a semi(?) historically accurate medieval world where women have few options, but I digress.)

Given your author's note, I'm not 100% sure that many young readers are going to pick up on that kind of undercurrent, given how ingrained preconceived notions about how relationships are "supposed" to go, but I like to think your webcomic is a good place to start. :)
Cat 19th Oct 7:08 AM, 2016
Uh... that has nothing to do with being feminist. That just deals with respecting the other person's decision and not throwing a tantrum because it's not what you want to hear.
whiskeyii 20th Oct 3:40 PM, 2016
I think you'd be surprised at how many people tend to not respect that particular decision, especially if the person making it is female. Though if you really need "evidence" on that front, Dr. Nerdlove's articles are a good place to start.
Michael 25th Apr 10:14 PM, 2017
She used him from the beginning. That is unforgivable, realy. She thinks she is honest to tell now or just try to avoid him sabotaging her relation to the king she started behind Argus back.
She is even mocking him for his romantic mindset and makes it look a weakness.
A soziopath same as his mom.
nk 19th Oct 10:26 PM, 2016
Lol he really dodged a bullet
Girl like that ain't worth getting mad about
nathyfaith 21st Oct 12:58 PM, 2016
Oh darling, now you have the company of a Beast, yourself. Also, she is being quite cruel with him.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 2:31 PM, 2017
So question, Argus. This probably didn't occur to you to ask, given that this is implied to be your first relationship, but did you /ask/ if this relationship was going to be exclusive or open when it started? Because I'm guessing that she's a courtesan, so playing the field is kind of her job/how she would move up in court. Not that this excuses her cheating on him, since clearly she knows that Argus wanted this to be an exclusive relationship, so she should have come clean about her intentions earlier.

Her hesitating before saying "We both know our hearts just aren't in this" makes me wonder if maybe she did have feelings for him to some extent, and her harshness here is specifically meant to drive him away from her. It seems like it will be an effective tactic, given Argus's angry speech at the end, which also has a nice call forward to him being a beast later in it.
Michael 25th Apr 10:23 PM, 2017
I think she is planning to become a courtesan. Doing the career Thing. Playing games with People. All the disgusting things People do for Money or Position. Argus was an Option until she got the king and uups she Drops the now ugly rat.
I think she had not her heart in this and Projects it on him or just lying to herself. Maybe a maneuver to mock him more. maybe she thinks he is to soft and weak for the defenestration Thing.
Michael 25th Apr 9:53 PM, 2017
I found myself all the fairytales in the church library when I was in elementary. 8 to 10 years about. Also all the greek and Roman mythology. And found it quite interesting. Just not the sex things respectively the mechanics. Just not the hormones for it i think, no picturing it or just academic interest. Nobody to talk about These things though, what is a pity.

When you read hänsel und gretel you have poverty, cruelty, cannibalism, burning old women in the oven and all that before you see a teacher. With a bit Fantasy thats worse than many of the so called Horror movies of the last decades.
I also found the celtic myths and fairytales what is often about contracts that turn out to be evil or cruel. Not to speak of the old celtic head hunting culture.