Act Three, Chapter One: 019

21st Oct 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 019
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st Oct 12:00 AM, 2016
We call that ruminating, and here are some breathing exercises to help bring the focus back to the mindful present *dings bell*


Mar-ee 21st Oct 12:02 AM, 2016
Poor Beast 8(
Exasperated Dwarf 21st Oct 12:37 AM, 2016
No, is he in the maze?!!? Why would you go in there Beast?!
Alexandra 21st Oct 3:41 AM, 2016
A storm is coming!
Queen of all 21st Oct 5:26 AM, 2016
Why would he do that!?!???!?
The Doodler 21st Oct 8:51 AM, 2016
The Doodler
So, from his pov, he's got the townsides of being a beast AND the downsides of being human. (Even if he has the upsides too...)
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 2:36 PM, 2017
"Or was it crumbling long before?" I think the answer to that one is yes, Beast. Being abused during your formative years makes you more likely to enter into abusive relationships as an adult, which often results in tragic ends. In this case, the pain of your life led you to giving up your heart and humanity, and as you've since discovered, that didn't really fix anything. You may be nowhere near the time and place where you started, but your mind is still trapped there, even so. It will take more than this contract to help you move on from it.
Michael 25th Apr 9:59 PM, 2017
Thats where the horns come from.
It is the constant ruminating the past and what led to his Situation. Not healthy as well.