Act Three, Chapter One: 020

25th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 020
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Oct 12:00 AM, 2016
sentimental sort


Mar-ee 25th Oct 12:05 AM, 2016
That smile of his is sweet... but ohh what will happen to the poor Beast
Fluffy 25th Oct 12:57 AM, 2016
Give Beast a big hug 2k17
Alexandra 25th Oct 2:27 AM, 2016
"HER fault"?

His mother? His ex? Who!?
Guest 25th Oct 3:21 AM, 2016
'Her' refers to Beauty. He is saying nothing Beauty went through was just desserts for her choices, but rather the result of others' choices, so at least her future can be made right--he thinks, as we all know, erroneously--by his sacrificing his life.
Sophi(e)a 25th Oct 1:41 PM, 2016
I want to feel as at peace about this as Beast is, but I can't because I know there's more angst to come.
metaceryn 25th Oct 2:00 PM, 2016
Maybe he expects to not be around to worry about that. </foreboding>
Sophi(e)a 25th Oct 4:21 PM, 2016
That's part of what worries me.
Guest 27th Oct 3:31 AM, 2016
BRB gotta mop up all my tears
Jaxci 28th Oct 7:54 PM, 2016
I just really really REALLY want to give Beast a hug!
Anor-Roc Wildheart 3rd Jan 1:42 AM, 2017
There's a sizable demand; you'll have to join the end of the line.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 2:39 PM, 2017
This is such a sweet page. While I don't agree with him about his decision, I can agree with his reasoning for it--he wanted to save someone he loved, who'd done nothing to deserve being trapped in this place, which at points seemed to want to harm her. I'm glad he doesn't regret his decision to save her, even though I'm afraid of what it will mean for his future.
Michael 25th Apr 10:04 PM, 2017
but we know, Beauty is not in peace with this, and he cant imagine that. So he will hurt and entangle her with his decision very badly and doesnt know yet.
Oh the tragic...