1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Prologue
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AbigailBrooks 26th Jul 5:34 PM, 2013
Ah, so starting the story off with the face of a dying child. This already flew against my expectations going into this (and kind of reminded me of your roots!). I wasn't sure who this was at first, even though I know who it is. Her age is...still something I'm not sure about, but I'm assuming she is younger than five years old. And dying from some sort of illness, can't forget that.
MsMegan 26th Jul 6:16 PM, 2013
Dying kids. Kind of my wheelhouse.
But seriously, repeating themes, right? I went through a phase where EVERY story had a drowning, which I've avoided far.
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 4:27 PM, 2013
Meaning a certain someone probably did not die by drowning in this one. (Rubs hands together and cackles.) Where did the drowning thing start and why, by the way?
MsMegan 19th Aug 10:19 PM, 2013
It's kind of hard to say. I had a fandom-y character waaaay back in the day when I frequented RP forums, and over time she developed a complicated backstory with a drowning at its heart. Then it just became a theme --ghost stories with drownings and so on. Jung would probably have some things to say about drowning as personal metaphor.
sheshallnotbenameless 19th Aug 9:13 PM, 2013
It's interesting how the dialogue here is rather different than what I can recall reading of late. There's much more of an archaic feel here. Interesting contrast.

Also--I love the light reflecting off Beauty's hair.
MsMegan 19th Aug 10:15 PM, 2013
I think I've relaxed a bit as I got to know my characters and settled in to the tone of the story. Wanting to let Temperance swear all the time was probably the catalyst...
RosesnWater 20th Feb 10:01 PM, 2015
AWE! Poor beauty D': she looks so pained in this picture, reminds me of when I had the a fever, seemed very much like the end … though I can't imagine this is going to be the end… *knocks on wood very softly*
Garrus368 6th Nov 10:17 PM, 2017
i like it,the scene is so cool