Act Three, Chapter One: 025

10th Nov 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 025
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Mar-ee 10th Nov 11:47 PM, 2016
Cute family moment:3
Ju_Dragon 11th Nov 4:45 AM, 2016
I love that there are no words spoken, and everybody just sort of lives in the moment ^^ <3
Aroura Nightshade 11th Nov 10:17 AM, 2016
Anyone else notice that beauty is isolated from the others? She's alone on one side of the table, her sister isn't even sitting beside her. She just seems so.... alone
Exasperated Dwarf 11th Nov 11:58 AM, 2016
It seems like she's noticed.
Dravening 11th Nov 1:47 PM, 2016
Along what was already said, that bis empty space next to beauty in the last panel really emphasizes her aloneness, compositionally.
bscruffy 12th Nov 9:20 PM, 2016
Dravening & Aroura nailed it; Beauty is sitting alone as an observer. She's not a participant and, more importantly, she's not needed.
Miss Elcia 12th Nov 10:40 PM, 2016
I totally agree she seems very alone in that empty half of the room/panel.
But what she doesn't know is there is plenty of room there for a certain Beast of her acquaintance to sit next to her if she decided she'd like that.
metaceryn 12th Nov 11:08 PM, 2016
She looks like she's watching a play or reenactment in Panel 1. Like the fourth wall has come down, and she's seeing a performance of peasant life in whatever-century France rather than her family's morning routine.

And when the family does sit down together, she's all one one side by herself. Now with five people at a four-sided table someone's going to be on their own, but this doesn't look like breakfast. It looks like cross-examination.
Anglachel 15th Nov 1:32 AM, 2016
Actually, if you go back to Act 1, Chapter 10, you'll see this is Beauty's regular place at the table.
Anglachel 15th Nov 1:34 AM, 2016
Argh, I mean Act 1, Chapter 1, Panel 10.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 2:59 PM, 2017
As other commenters have said, she looks very alone in the first panel and in the last, given that no one sits next to her in this. While the seating arrangement makes sense, given that Virtue would want to sit with her husband, it still makes Beauty feel isolated, having that huge side of the table to herself.