Act Three, Chapter One: 034

12th Dec 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 034
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Dec 11:00 PM, 2016
Life is endless chaos, guys. Did you know that?


Priscilla 12th Dec 11:15 PM, 2016
Sorry Beauty but I don't think pops is going to allow this. Look at his face it screams "concern Dad mode"
Ransom 13th Dec 1:30 AM, 2016
To be fair, he doesn't have much reason to trust the Beast. This all started with a gift exchange after all.
Guest 13th Dec 2:40 AM, 2016
"Concern Dad mode"? Hell no! This face clearly says "my daughter is being courted and I don't like the boy"
Priscilla 13th Dec 9:22 AM, 2016
"Concern Dad mode" comes in many forms. This one is "my youngest is being courted and my first impression of him is not good" form and is very common.
metaceryn 13th Dec 4:37 AM, 2016
Sisters gonna get all up in them trade goods.
M. Peach 13th Dec 11:55 AM, 2016
I can just see Beauty being bored out of her mind (and feeling like a fifth wheel) while dad is all, "No one's going to touch anything in those chests!" She's not fitting in. Everyone's walking on eggshells around her, and she won't even be able to enjoy the things she has.
Sabreur 13th Dec 10:26 PM, 2016
Just wanted to say, I found this comic yesterday and just finished binge-reading it. Easily the best take on the Beauty And The Beast story I've ever seen, Disney included. On a different note, sorry your life has been chaos lately! Best wishes for you, and good luck.
MissElcia 13th Dec 10:34 PM, 2016
I cant help but picture the following:

Beauty: Papa, I promise, if you'd just meet the boy I think you'd find he's actually quite nice. Could we maybe have him over for dinner?
... an invitation later...
Papa: *glaring*
Beast *tail between legs* Beauty, help, I don't think he likes me.
bscruffy 7th Jan 5:04 PM, 2017
It should be pointed out that the 'concerned Papa' knows a lot more about the obligations and bargains behind the two trunks and his missing wife.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 3:42 PM, 2017
I can see why Papa would be so suspicious, considering their family's history with the Beast, but Beauty does seem to have a much better understanding of the Beast's character and intentions than he does (which only makes sense, considering how much time Beauty spent with him). I agree with her, though--this is absolutely meant to be an apology from the Beast for taking her from their family as long as he did.

I also love Beauty's speech about the lesson she learned about everything having a price--it really shows how her time with the Beast has helped her mature and better understand the world around her. I think her understanding of how that lesson applies to magic will always set her apart from the rest of them, too. It's clear that she's grown a lot since she left home.
Michael 25th Apr 11:40 PM, 2017
And now Comes the rage.
What did he do to you to pay that Kind of Apology.