Act Three, Chapter One: 035

15th Dec 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 035
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MsMegan 15th Dec 11:00 PM, 2016
Is it, though?


The Doodler 15th Dec 11:38 PM, 2016
The Doodler
I can't blame them.
Aaron 16th Dec 6:32 AM, 2016
And now for a lesson in the painful and heartbreaking consequences of not providing full explanations. *The more you know*
Cat 16th Dec 7:07 AM, 2016
Virtue is right; stop focusing on the wrong thing, just be happy your daughter/sister/in-law is back. And is it a kidnapping, if the 'victim' goes off on their own accord? (Legally, no)

Beauty, just use it, if you want to. Ignore their opinion, they are YOUR items, after all.
Kawaii overload!!! 16th Dec 2:21 PM, 2016
I agree here. Beauty wasn't kidnapped, she went WILLINGLY.
Key word here: WILLINGLY.

Also, the more you people try to act too happy to see Beauty back in your life, the more I think she's gonna realize that she might not actually be needed here. Not to say that she wasn't loved or missed, because obviously she was in both cases. But you guys were doing just fine without her.
KSClaw 16th Dec 11:44 AM, 2016
... All this negativity is not going to end well for any of them.
Helena 16th Dec 12:15 PM, 2016
Man... as much as I understand (or try to understand) Beauty's dad, I want to punch his face!

Stupid pride of the poor!
Helena 16th Dec 12:15 PM, 2016
Man... as much as I understand (or try to understand) Beauty's dad, I want to punch his face!

Stupid pride of the poor!
Guest 16th Dec 12:17 PM, 2016

Hmmm... probably Beauty's sisters will visit the chest by night to pick this or another stuff without Proud Dad knowing.
Fluffy 16th Dec 7:58 PM, 2016
It is kind of sad seeing everything like this. If these gifts were given to them by Beast, it was with what Beauty told Beast in mind. So these were given to them so they could lead a better life with not as many struggles or even go back to the life that they had before.
Beauty really thought they would like an opportunity like this and thought that these gifts had their best interests in mind. That seems to not be the case though. Not to mention it seems that there is some space between herself and her family since she has returned.
Mums 17th Dec 7:52 AM, 2016
It kind of seemed like these chests were a way Beauty could help out her family, and now that they've rejected the gifts, even though they weren't from Beauty they were from the Beast, she's back to (probably) feeling as useless as before. And even worse, she
Might start feeling like she's just made things worse by coming back. Poor dear...
Ransom 19th Dec 10:30 AM, 2016
I'm really frustrated here, and what's bad is that I can't totally blame Beauty's family, especially Dad. After all, gifts from the Fae (The Beast is not the Fae but I don't think they could be expected to make that distinction)? Bad, bad news. They don't have the context from Beauty's experience, but if she told them would they believe her? Or suspect she is enchanted?

But...ugh! Of coruse this also may cause Beauty to ponder a few things herself.
Guest 19th Dec 4:44 PM, 2016
I'm totally obsessed with this comic!!
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 3:48 PM, 2017
While Beauty was under pressure to go to the castle, she could still have chosen not to go. She went willingly, though, so despite what Papa might think, she was not kidnapped. As for their decision about not doing anything with the Beast's gifts--I can understand their concerns, but ultimately, like Beauty, I don't think they're warranted. The Beast just wanted to improve their circumstances and say he was sorry. Beauty, I think, understands that and is saddened that the Beast's gesture is being rejected. Fighting about it would just upset her family further, though, so I can see why she accepts her decision, even though it makes her unhappy.