Act Three, Chapter One: 040

2nd Jan 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 040
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Jan 11:00 PM, 2017
Ooh...well, um... Happy New Year?


Mar-ee 2nd Jan 11:41 PM, 2017
Yeah thats right Argus' witchy mother keep blaming him but we all know the truth.

Poor Argus 8(, did anybody other than his pet dog, ever really love him?
Kukki 2nd Jan 11:44 PM, 2017
Calling it a delusion when she's already angry was probably not the wisest choice of words. However, I still side with him over her on the matter. As selfless as she is painting herself, she has been very selfish.
Reading Wolf 5th Jan 12:08 AM, 2017
... i had a thought reading your comment. What if it's never been about Argus and always been about her?
nathyfaith 5th Jan 1:43 PM, 2017
It seems that we agree on that, for me, his mother is a lot more interested in having the status as a queen or the mistress and having her child, who she clearly despises on the throne so she could rule the kingdom.
Argus sounds pretty uninterested in something that does not belong to him.
Reading Wolf 5th Jan 8:30 PM, 2017
Looking back, it would make sense. A scandal like a "low class" woman becoming pregnant with Argus' child, him keeping pets which distracted him from his studies etc. etc. (i.e. everything he wanted to do with his life basically) could all ruin it for her.
Fluffy 3rd Jan 12:08 AM, 2017
Thanks Mom!!! Love you too <3!!!
Michael 3rd Jan 12:12 AM, 2017
I know that. Feeling like a puppet to fulfil the mothers wish for a life so any own Fantasy is worth nothing in her eyes. Argus seemed to have taken it Kind of easy. Somehow he found his own Center without his mother really recognizing that her plans failed long before.

When the child does good she is all the proud mother. When he is happy with his life but did not achieve enough in life in her eyes then it is all: o my god, what will my sisters/xxx say.

Usually when I deal with my mother I make sure to always have a wall in my back.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 3rd Jan 2:23 AM, 2017
And here I am, all caught up after my time away. I'm really glad I found this again. :)

Now let's watch, as everything begins to well and truly fall apart between these two. xp
Helena 3rd Jan 6:35 AM, 2017
More and more I believe that Argus made this "contract" to the fountain in order to have a place to live and scape from his psychotic mother.
Helena 3rd Jan 6:35 AM, 2017
More and more I believe that Argus made this "contract" to the fountain in order to have a place to live and scape from his psychotic mother.
The Doodler 3rd Jan 7:12 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Wow, maybe it's a step UP to give up part of your humanity and be magically bound to a castle to get away from this chick.
Cat 3rd Jan 7:13 AM, 2017
Argus, why are you acting surprised or hurt by this? Given her attitude towards you, you should have known this was her mindset. Also, I stand by it: bastard or legitimate, some factors could still lead to him having a chance at the crown.
Kirala 3rd Jan 12:51 PM, 2017
Some factors could lead to *A* bastard getting the crown, but a bastard that isn't politically interested and skilled - with a certain ruthlessness - and has a legitimate brother? That seems wildly unlikely. I think all the mother's plans are predicated on her son turning out to be a different person than he is. Of course, that kind of person might or might not have any kindness for his mother, so she was really gambling on a long shot there.
Exasperated Dwarf 3rd Jan 8:28 PM, 2017
There's always that hope that maybe a parent will change or lighten up or you'll do something and they'll be proud of you. Lots of abused people will spend their lives trying to please that person, until the person dies and sometimes even after. And there's a big difference between suspecting your parent doesn't want you and them screaming that they should never have borne you. His reaction is pretty accurate.
Reading Wolf 5th Jan 12:03 AM, 2017
I remember someone else commenting on how he acted towards his gf. Spend your life trying to garner any affection from a psycho harpy like his mother, and you'd do everything in your power to stop someone else discarding you.
... also i just had a terrible feeling the woman's body we saw on the ground X pages ago wasn't his girlfriends...
nathyfaith 5th Jan 1:39 PM, 2017
Poor Argus, mother hated him, father was never present and he never wanted the crown, all he ever wanted was somebody to love him.
*holds back tears*
Reading Wolf 5th Jan 8:31 PM, 2017
Well at least one of us managed to... (hold back tears that is)
Candybeads 5th Jan 8:14 PM, 2017
Mazel tov!
Is that not what you say when someone breaks a glass?
... Oh, I see. Unfortunate timing, then.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 4:42 PM, 2017
Ouch to this entire page. I do like how Argus's expectations for the future are grounded ones--he knows the throne would logically pass to a member of the king's extended family before it would pass to him. The only way Argus would inherit the throne is if the king raised him above his bastard status and named him his heir, which the king doesn't seem inclined to do, since he's barely involved in Argus's life.

Argus confronting his mother with that fact is bound to make her even angrier, but maybe someone should have confronted her with the reality of their situation years ago. Her saying she wished she would have ended her pregnancy instead of having him makes me wince for his sake, but also confirms that, despite having knowledge of abortifacient herbs, she did want him at one point. Maybe she even loved him at one point, but became too embittered by their circumstances for that feeling to last. Or maybe she had him for the wrong reasons and resented him from the start. Either way, she wasn't and isn't suitable as a parent to him. Argus deserved much better than her.