Act Three, Chapter One: 041

5th Jan 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 041
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 5th Jan 11:00 PM, 2017
That escalated quickly


Fluffy 5th Jan 11:21 PM, 2017
Again... Thanks Mom!!!!
Poor Argus can't seem to catch a break.
Mar-ee 5th Jan 11:43 PM, 2017
Yeah another exciting episode of World's worse mother... if ya wanna call her that
ch1ck4do0dl3 6th Jan 12:08 AM, 2017
Because killing your only living link to the throne in a fit of rage is going to solve all your problems...

Did mommy dearest ever have any redeeming qualities?
Reading Wolf 6th Jan 12:50 AM, 2017
Her plans have failed, so he's useless to her now. She wants to "Correct her mistake" if you will.
Michael 26th Apr 12:20 AM, 2017
she is good with herbs and chemistry
Reading Wolf 6th Jan 12:48 AM, 2017
Wow... didn't see that coming...
as quickly as it did anyhow...

anyone else feel like their watching a train crash happening in real time or is that just me?
Mums 6th Jan 3:25 AM, 2017
Oooh, I learned a new word! "Inamorata" sounds a lot nicer than what she could have called Argus' lady.

In other news, I'm a little worried about who is going to harm who more in the next page...
DragonWitch1469 6th Jan 10:23 AM, 2017
That woman needs a psychiatrist. She's ether having a mental breakdown or she's sick to the brain.
Michael 6th Jan 10:32 AM, 2017
Men have their wars and heroisms and other stupidness. Women have intrigues and shenanigans.
Stitchlingbelle 6th Jan 10:44 AM, 2017
Well, this is going to end well...
bscruffy 6th Jan 11:24 AM, 2017
Attacking your only heir in a fit of rage isn't a "rational response;" but is is on the "list of irrational responses for the psychotically unbalanced when their delusions have been flushed down life's toilet."
Wish this had no connection to real life but happens.
Helena 6th Jan 2:01 PM, 2017
She won't stop at this.

nathyfaith 6th Jan 3:44 PM, 2017
Is it just me, or momma dearest is gonna make a pact with a witch that is gonna get her killed or *cough* trapped for the endless life as a statue in the house she wanted so damn much?

PS: She needs someone to stop her ASAP.
metaceryn 6th Jan 11:39 PM, 2017
For anyone keeping track, that is not the knife that appears on page II.i.31; any matricide here will likely not be the "mortal sin" that brings the curse.
Jessie Blue 8th Jan 12:31 AM, 2017
Jessie Blue
here it is if anyone wants a refresher.
You know, looking back at it now, I'm going to throw my vote for his "mortal sin" was trying to kill himself, we see him on his knees covered in blood, and he seems to be alone in front of the fountain.
Narnia4Aslan 8th Jan 9:05 PM, 2017
Well, mother dearest, I think you forgot you have a grown son on your hands, a son who is bigger and stronger than you. He's not a little kid anymore (in physical stature at any rate... the state of his mind after years of emotional abuse is a little more uncertain)
Cat 9th Jan 4:47 AM, 2017
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Even the tiniest of person can have amazing strength in them, when in the grip of intense emotions.
Keith A Johnson 9th Jan 10:58 PM, 2017
I'm more concerned about the upturned blade and the backward motion.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 4:50 PM, 2017
Now his mother is attacking him with a letter opener! That blade may be blunt, but it could still do a lot of damage if she stabbed him with it! I'm glad he manages to stop her, but this doesn't bode well for the "mortal sin" he committed that turned him into a Beast. The question is, did he kill his mother in a similar struggle like this, or did he try to kill himself instead? Given the direction Argus's life is going in, along with his depression (and his suicidal actions in the present), him trying to commit suicide at the fountain seems more and more probable as being the sin behind his curse.