Act Three, Chapter One: 042

9th Jan 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 042
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Jan 11:00 PM, 2017
Never shake n' bake a baby


metaceryn 9th Jan 11:38 PM, 2017
Well it can't be Baby À La King, that's a bit on the nose. And Coronation Baby is far too English. *spit *
Fluffy 9th Jan 11:47 PM, 2017
This lady: "How dare you raise a hand to your mother"
Mar-ee 9th Jan 11:53 PM, 2017
Dear lord she's just one more step closer towards the cuckoo's nest or somethin'
Guest 18th Jan 1:43 PM, 2017
MY exact thoughts.
Sabreur 10th Jan 12:30 AM, 2017
Freaking hell. I knew she was not the most stable person around, but the news of the heir seems to have sent her completely round the bend.
windsroad 10th Jan 1:16 AM, 2017
infanticide's a-okay, but yeah, raising a hand against your mother... that's the big no-no, haha.
Ransom 10th Jan 3:02 AM, 2017
She keeps getting worse! How does this person keep getting worse?!
Reading wolf 10th Jan 6:20 AM, 2017
People are like onions: multiple layers, and sometimes they hide nasty surprises.
Also reminds me of a kids flap book with a girl making a sandwich and her brother adding "special ingredients" like worms etc.
... I'm Ill so yes my brain is weirder then normal.

Kawaii overload!!! 10th Jan 5:19 AM, 2017
Lady, you have done nothing—NOTHING—to prove to us that you deserve to call yourself his mother.
Ok, the one thing I know of as far as I've read is that you saved him from falling out a window when he was a child. But then what do you do next? You slap him his face so hard that you break his nose!!! And then you tell him not to disobey you again!!!! You are such a vile, disgusting monster, it's amazing the king even bedded with you at all.

I've recently started living by a philosophy where if you have no redeeming traits, you're not worth being called human. And you, "Madame" are most certainly not a human being in my book. You are an unstable, power hungry, murderous evil beast. In all respects, maybe you should've been the one turned phyiscally into the monster. That would most definitely match your heart, or whatever's left of it. Then perhaps if you learned what a jerk you are, then you'd be free. But that seems highly unlikely.
Reading wolf 10th Jan 6:22 AM, 2017
I doubt she'd have anything to bargain with to be honest. Actually I could see the castle giving her gold to stay AWAY from it...
Kawaii overload!!! 10th Jan 11:01 PM, 2017
You may have a point. But I hope that Argus isn't forced into this plan. Maybe before he makes his contract, he'll tell the king about what his mother is planning. Hopefully the king will at least take his word seriously to up the guards for his heir and arrest this woman. But then again……
Cat 10th Jan 5:38 AM, 2017
Lady, you are not a mother. And like a typical abuser, once your victim decides to fight back, you pull the "*I* am the victim" card cause you are a coward.
Reading wolf 10th Jan 6:27 AM, 2017
... lady I could see the king giving Argus a medal for getting rid of you. I wonder if the king saw through you and realized you were using him to get power?
Don't call yourself his mother. You didn't earn that title.
JustLikeWonderful 10th Jan 10:49 AM, 2017
So... Does anybody else think she's going to make Argus kill the baby? We do know he's commited a terrible sin to be cursed, and honestly, I don't think you can do much worse than killing an innocent baby. Also, she's just said "Don't play the fool, Argus" when he questioned if she'd do it, so maybe she expects him to...?
Kukki 10th Jan 2:29 PM, 2017
Actually, I'm beginning to wonder if he kills her to save everyone else.
Reading Wolf 10th Jan 8:58 PM, 2017
... and her last words to him are something to the effect of "You truly are a beast..."
... *sits down*...
Paula Richey 13th Jan 7:19 AM, 2017
I'm wondering if he kills *himself* to remove the possibility of being part of her plan.
Michael 10th Jan 11:11 AM, 2017
I have seen the same thing, that a mother started beating her 20 year old son for having his own mind and when he raised his hands to protect his face accusing him of being aggressive. Actually she went so mad that she had a small stroke from high blood pressure.

for your Comic. This woman is not only evil she is eating grass and small children as well. I didnt see much from game of thrones but it would fit there quite well.
the selkie wife 10th Jan 12:07 PM, 2017
I know we're all focusing on Demon Mom's latest addition to the List of Abusive Behaviours So Far Observed, but I can't help but notice the black at the bottom of the page - is this all we're going to see of this memory? Or is it about to transition into something much darker?? (literally, heh)
Kukki 10th Jan 2:30 PM, 2017
I noticed and wondered that, too.
Mad Hatter 10th Jan 7:02 PM, 2017
Crazy lady you don't deserve to be called a mother. Especially since you're now going planning to add infant murder to your list of horrible deeds.
Stitchlingbelle 11th Jan 2:00 AM, 2017
"Don't be a fool, Argus. This won't even be the first!"
Guest 11th Jan 11:49 AM, 2017

How dare? Oooh, so as good son he'd supposed to not react and let his caring mother to stab him.

Man, this woman is a psycopath!
Guest 11th Jan 11:49 AM, 2017

How dare? Oooh, so as good son he'd supposed to not react and let his caring mother to stab him.

Man, this woman is a psycopath!
Mums 11th Jan 1:05 PM, 2017
I'm beginning to wonder if the force keeping Argus in check is his mother's lingering vengeful spirit. I'm also thinking he killed her to stop her, and she cursed him as she died. But I just don't know.

Ugh I need answers! What happens next??
Umm.. 12th Jan 8:45 AM, 2017
This is a long one but umm...

My mom and I don't get along that much, but I know to come to her when I have questions about situations like this because even though we disagree on many things, we try to understand each other and our respective perspectives. It may not always work, but I know she does what she can. I'm still a kid, so I'm still learning what "real relationships" are. My mom, who tries to be neutral with most subjects so I can make my own decisions. She rarely ever voices her opinions, which is why it's hard to tell what she's thinking or what she believes which has put a bit of a strain in our relationship (it's a small amount of the bulk of problems there), but she flat out told me that this woman was "dangerous, wrong, and needed serious help" before proceeding to explain how and why.
I started getting a little worried for part of this chapter because my mother agreed a little with the mother about her "sacrifices" for a while, but was pleasantly surprised when she said that while parents shouldn't go full martyr mode for their kids, parents are supposed to make sacrifices...And that parents who make real sacrifices don't shove how much they've given up. Sometimes reminders to help kids understand how hard it is to be a parent and for a parent to meet them at some point in the middle, but there is no understanding with this woman. Real parents only do what she's done when they want something out of their kids, like to make a profit. In other words, she never really loved her son.
As my mom described, it's like Mother Gothel from Rapunzel situation. Perhaps she feels something for him, as not only did she raise him but unlike Gothel he is her blood son, since she's obviously shown protectiveness and slight affection, but real love is when you make sacrifices for others without expecting something back, meeting someone halfway when you can't sacrifice something or there's conflict, and being willing to listen to one another.
She also agreed with me that Argus was justified in his actions since his preventing harm from her to himself and possibly others. She added, "He didn't even harm her, he was restraining her like a parent or guardian might have to for their children!" My mom would have tackled me or anyone else like that and called the authorities because she doesn't that s**t. In this case, not only is Argus being the more mature one here, but also the more responsible. It does not matter if she is his mother, she endangering other lives at this point. Not only that, but Mom also thinks that lady needs some serious help.
Cat 13th Jan 10:20 AM, 2017
I am inclined to ask why it would even need to be EXPLAINED *why* this mother is a horrible creature... It's bleedin' obvious!
MsMegan 13th Jan 11:19 AM, 2017
I wanted to think a while before responding to this, because I think there's a lot here that's quite interesting. Thank you for such an insightful comment.

First off, I'm impressed with you opening this line of dialogue with your mother. It can be hard to discuss difficult topics with a parent, especially one who is stoic or distant, or with whom you have a complicated relationship. It sounds like you're creating some really good lines of communication with her and letting her know you're interested in her opinions. That's a wonderful thing that probably means a lot to her.

Argus' mother is absolutely a toxic one, and I hope the narrative hasn't done anything to defend her. Any confusion should hopefully read as Argus' own. Relationships between parents and children can be very, very complicated and feelings of loyalty and guilt make that even more messy, even without one party being as overt about them as Maman here is.

In short, yes, this character is a narcissist and she's actively manipulating her grown child, who hasn't yet fully realized that he will never be able to win her approval and affection, because she withholds these things as tools or rewards. She probably does believe at some level that what she's doing is justified and that this is the best way to love her child, but she's terribly toxic.

You mentioned that you're still learning what "real relationships" are, and I think that's an incredibly insightful thing to be aware of. What I've learned, after enough missteps, is that relationships are work and do require maintaining, but they should improve both parties-- you should be built up by them, not diminished. A relationship in which you feel guilty or anxious or as thought you need to make drastic changes to yourself to please the other party isn't an equal or healthy one. Neither is a relationship where you ask your partner to become someone else. If I can impart one thing to younger readers, I hope it's that you can and must hold out for a relationship, romantic or otherwise, where you and your partner are equally supported, equally improved, and equally respected and valued. Show love and respect for yourself, and refuse to settle for anything less in return. <3
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 5:09 PM, 2017
"How /dare/ you raise a hand to your mother!" No, Evil Mother, he was defending himself against your attack by grabbing your wrists and making sure you couldn't strike him. That's the opposite of him attacking you.

Also, whatever redeeming qualities this woman might have had once, it's clear that she's absolutely a lost cause now. The casual way she's planning to kill the crown prince, who's just an infant, makes me think she's killed other children before--specifically, the king's other bastards. Maybe that was how the queen found out about Argus's mother interfering with her pregnancies--she discovered that history of infanticide and made the logical conclusion. I would try to get as far away from Argus's mother as possible, too, if I were her!

Why the king hasn't acted against Argus's mother before this, I can only guess. Maybe he's just as uncaring as she is. Maybe he sees her actions as a "good" thing (the infanticide, not the barrenness of the queen): bastards, after all, can cause problems for the throne down the line, so it might be "for the best" than they die. Or maybe he just doesn't know. I doubt we'll ever know what his thoughts are, since he and his wife almost certainly won't appear in the story itself. There wouldn't be a place for them to, since Argus's relationship with his mother is the point of this part of the story. I'm not even sure we'll see what happens to his mother, in the end--perhaps she'll be confronted by the royals upon their return. By that point, though, I suspect Argus will have become the Beast.
Michael 29th Sep 3:20 PM, 2017
I dont agree with the king would be happy with his bastards disappiearing.
From feudal times especially in france it is well known, that those bastards often got good positions. So as titles, land and power up to some level.