Act Three, Chapter One: 043

13th Jan 9:21 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 043
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Jan 9:21 AM, 2017
let's try some mindfulness techniques, shall we?


Kirala 13th Jan 10:29 AM, 2017
And the first time we see his eyes, they're opened in horror at the metaphorical eye-opening he's just had. Augh! Ouch!

KatieKat 13th Jan 10:33 AM, 2017 no no no no what is she doing to him?
Nora 13th Jan 10:37 AM, 2017
Oh my god I never wanted so much to physically walk into a comic and slap someone like I do with Argus's progenitor
I'm not calling her his mother, she doesn't deserve that title
Hallan 14th Jan 12:59 PM, 2017
Only slap her? I passed that point a long time ago.
Guest 18th Jan 1:50 PM, 2017
The bitch needs to dieee.
Also poor, darling Argus. He is so terrified here.
Aroura Nightshade 13th Jan 11:30 AM, 2017
Oh my gosh, he's clutching his heart! What are you doing to him witch! He didn't deserve to be a beast!
Kawaii overload!!! 13th Jan 12:12 PM, 2017
Hmmm…"Everything I've done is always for you" huh?
Sure it is.
You know, I'm beginning to think that Lady here (I will from here on, no longer call her his parent, much less his mother) didnt actually want to be mistress, instead she wanted to be queen. But once the king made it clear he wasn't interested in marrying her, she decided to go to option two, have his baby. She's been "putting up" with Argus since he was conceived, painting her herself as an unconvincing victim. But what's the point of even going this far!? She's lost already. Argus is happier being a normal guy than a kings son, and by all means, his new brother is the heir! That's it. She should be giving up!!! Argus's slim almost non-existent chance at the throne is now completely gone!!! Not that he cares, since he doesn't even want the damn throne. What's the point?! Was she hoping to use him as a sort of puppet king, so that's she could rule the kingdom through him? Cause if she was, she's been beating a long dead horse then.
Kirala 13th Jan 1:12 PM, 2017
Oh, and I'm working my way back through the comic, and relatively early in their relationship, Beauty is commenting on Ovid:

"And the poor minotaur! Trapped in his labyrinth, tearing apart all the beautiful young people who come to solve it. But if not for his mother, he'd be as lovely as they are!"

Beast's reaction is... not good. He wraps up with "If you presume all monsters have some justification for what they are, you'll quickly find that your sympathy is wasted." He's so busy accepting responsibility for his own actions that he cannot give his mother responsibility for provoking the monster. Poor Beast.
Kukki 13th Jan 2:57 PM, 2017
Well spotted.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 5:21 PM, 2017
That's a very good catch! I didn't draw that connection before. It occurs to me that, were the Beast is a healthier state of mind, the "If you presume all monsters have some justification for what they are, you'll quickly find that your sympathy is wasted" could apply to his mother, instead of him. Obviously he is talking about himself there, but it potentially has that double reading now, in light of what we've learned about his mother. Unfortunately, I doubt he'll take his own words of caution to heart for a while yet.
Mar-ee 13th Jan 2:12 PM, 2017
Oh they are not you cold-hearted psycho witch. Poor Argus is being put through psychological abuse/manipulation, I know she's his mother but still.

Argus its not your fault... but still not like a person could go to him and say "You have a toxic home, you need to break away and we'll find you a loving home"
bscruffy 13th Jan 10:27 PM, 2017
As with all venomous lifeforms, those that dispense poison are immune to its effects.
Cat 14th Jan 8:28 AM, 2017
Ignore your mother dearest words.
Every single one of them is a lie and it isn't your fault.
Miss Elcia 15th Jan 1:14 PM, 2017
Everything I've done I've done for you...I move the stars for no one....

Poor guy, he doesn't want any of this. And that witch couldn't care less. Seriously if he really was a beast, what she deserves is for him to tear her to shreds. But Argus is not a monster, monster's don't have a stroke when they realize pain and suffering of innocents will be traced back to them simply because they were born.

I don't think I've wanted to go hug the Beast in a version of BatB quite so much as Argus. He really needs it.
KSClaw 15th Jan 4:00 PM, 2017
Oh no, Argus baby ;A; Don't listen to her, all the blood has only been on her hands and not yours!
The Doodler 15th Jan 7:50 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Calling it now -- the blood he "profaned" the fountain with was his.
Young Kullervo 15th Jan 9:32 PM, 2017
I think it's a murder/suicide. Or at least a murder...notice how he still has to "serve" the castle, even begging the fountain for answers as to why he can't ever please it. Either his mother is the castle itself or their abusive dichotomy came to define it's existence, including the contracts.
Alexandra 17th Jan 1:59 AM, 2017
And the worst part is that even today in the 21st century there are hideous people like her who do everything "for their chaldern's sake"
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 5:16 PM, 2017
Ugh, no, none of this was for Argus's sake. It was all for yours. Don't blame him or associate him with your crimes. He had nothing to do with them, and his hands certainly aren't bloodied (not yet, anyway).

It's haunting to me that the room the Beast returns to to deal with his panic attack is the room with the birdcages. This connects his mother's threat to kill his birds with her threat to kill his baby brother, like she presumably has done to his other siblings (and Aornis) over the years.