Act Three: Chapter Two

30th Jan 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three: Chapter Two
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Jan 11:00 PM, 2017
Sorry for the lateness, gang! The router at home died so I had to go into the office!


Sailor Phantom 31st Jan 1:34 PM, 2017
That's quite a few spots by Helenium... *looks up meaning* Oh... O_O
AbigailBrooks 31st Jan 1:40 PM, 2017
So the flower meanings for this chapter are:

Pansy - Pleasant thoughts, think of me, forget me not, you occupy my thoughts
Motherwort - Concealed love
Helenium - Tears

So I'm guessing that Beauty is going to be continuing to think about/daydream about the Beast in this chapter. Maybe her family will cotton on to that and ask her about her relationship with the Beast, leading to a tearful confession on Beauty's part? That or Beauty confronts her own feelings for the Beast in private.
Reading Wolf 31st Jan 5:31 PM, 2017
Considering these flowers usually mean something for Beast...
I... really don't like where this is going...
Guest 31st Jan 3:18 PM, 2017
Anyone else notice the stain in the upper left corner?
Candybeads 31st Jan 7:25 PM, 2017
Argus' signature seems to be bigger in this illustration.
Paula Richey 31st Jan 7:55 PM, 2017
*hugs* whew! I was starting to worry about you, MsMegan! You're usually so consistent - to the point of making me wonder what sort of automated posting system you could be using... But evidently you're uploading them without auto-magic. I'm glad you navigated the technical difficulties. :)

Any plans to print Argus' journal separately as well as in-comic? I'd buy a copy!
MsMegan 2nd Feb 11:19 PM, 2017
You know, I'd never thought of that! One of my studiomates used to press me to paint them and sell them as prints, but I always thought they were too boring to be much a seller at comics shows! I've done a few on commission for tattoos, though...

I guess if there were demand, I'd be up for it!
Paula Richey 3rd Feb 7:16 AM, 2017
:) I'd love one... Especially if it was made to look like the *actual* journal in real life, with a cloth cover I'm guessing? And maybe a "handwritten" appendix of flower meanings :) That would be like owning an actual artifact from the story!
Narnia4Aslan 17th Feb 11:24 PM, 2017
I second! I'd greatly enjoy a journal if it ever became available. Maybe even include personal notes from Argus/Beast? Not as a second telling of the story but maybe to augment it? I don't know, just brainstorming here... but I'd love a journal of all his sketches at least! :)