Act Three, Chapter Two: 02

2nd Feb 11:16 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 02
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Feb 12:03 AM, 2017
You're all obliged to just imagine all the vines for the remainder of the book, m'kay?


Mar-ee27 2nd Feb 11:23 PM, 2017
This is either making me think the walls are closing in or he's running low on time. Same thing I guess but can't decide which to say
AbigailBrooks 2nd Feb 11:32 PM, 2017
Oooooh this is not good. The way the vines are drawn make me feel as if they're slithering after him, along with reminding him of his worst memories as he gets deeper into the maze. Him panting and clutching his chest makes me agree with Mar-ee27's assessment--it looks like he's running out of time.

Though on that note, is time passing slower from him than for Beauty now? While his situation is desperate, maybe she'll have more time to reflect on their relationship before she returns? That would reverse the temporal dissonance that seems to have been occurring earlier in the story: with Beauty being gone for months according to her family, while her time in the castle may have been shorter. Maybe the speed at which time passes depends on the needs of those involved with it?
Kawaii overload!!! 3rd Feb 6:04 AM, 2017
Oh jeez…
Looks like Ma'dame lives through the vines.
And poor Beast looks like he's gonna have a heart attack. *pun not intended*
Daniel J. Drazen 3rd Feb 7:35 AM, 2017
Talk about bitter herbs!
Hallan 3rd Feb 8:14 AM, 2017
Looks like time for some Agent Orange...
Bird 6th Feb 4:10 PM, 2017
I mean, preferably NOT Agent Orange...
Kirala 3rd Feb 10:10 AM, 2017
So... is he being forced to walk into his own heart, I wonder? There's gotta be a connection between this and the thorny mess where his heart used to be, and this would also add new levels to being concerned about Beauty being lost there, or Beauty having nightmares about being trapped there...
metaceryn 3rd Feb 2:10 PM, 2017
Let us have a moment of silence, for the inking implement that gave its life for this page.
Hallan 4th Feb 8:44 AM, 2017
Fluffy 3rd Feb 8:10 PM, 2017
I salute you for drawing that many freaking vines, Ms. Megan.
Noele-M 4th Feb 2:36 PM, 2017
Holy cow, you have the most amazing attention to detail! You're awesome, kudos to you, hun!
a Drop of Beauty 9th Feb 6:40 PM, 2017
a Drop of Beauty
Vines whispering made me think of this song:
Michael 26th Apr 12:54 AM, 2017
mom is impregnated into his Soul. Became part of it. Never to get rid of.