Act Three, Chapter Two: 03

6th Feb 11:27 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 03
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 6th Feb 11:27 PM, 2017
Ow. That's gravel for sure.


Mar-ee27 6th Feb 11:36 PM, 2017
Poor Beast D8>
Skatie 7th Feb 12:33 AM, 2017
You have this page posted twice.
Skatie 7th Feb 12:36 AM, 2017
Aaaand I misspelled your name.
Skatie 7th Feb 12:38 AM, 2017
PSA: It's important to recognize the signs of impending heart attack. If you are experiencing chest pain that radiates out to the left arm, dizziness, confusion and shortness of breath, contact emergency services immediately.
KSClaw 7th Feb 3:20 PM, 2017
But what if you literally don't have a heart? Didn't Beast say he only had thorns and vines in place of a heart?
Wyobeastgirl 7th Feb 11:35 AM, 2017
Holy what the!? There is blood! Why? No no dying Beast
Ukeman Tre 7th Feb 11:38 AM, 2017
Please don't die! Please don't die! We love you Beast...more specifically, Beauty! Come on dude! Fight this! Do it for Her!!!
Silvre 7th Feb 6:06 PM, 2017

In other news, I just finished listening to "Beauty" by Robin McKinley and I was picturing your renditions of Beast and Beauty the whole time! ❤️ Your comic is just so lovely...and sometimes heartbreaking.
MsMegan 7th Feb 7:44 PM, 2017
Oh my gosh, that's like a dream come true. That's just SUPER super flattering!

Also there's a Beauty audiobook?! Where do I get my hands on this?!
Silvre 9th Feb 2:52 PM, 2017
I got it off Audible. The narrator is great, I definitely recommend it! :D
KatieKat 7th Feb 7:00 PM, 2017
Oh Beauty, hurry!
Guest 7th Feb 9:30 PM, 2017
Come on, Beast! You can't give up now!! Get up! Get up! You're all Beauty has left now!!!
Willow 8th Feb 12:35 AM, 2017
Cat 8th Feb 9:54 AM, 2017
I'll be quite honest, the problem with the Beast (and this comic's current state) is that there is just too much bad stuff here - his life sucked before, it sucks now and... it's just too dark. It makes it way too easy to stop caring.

Yes, yes, the happy end will come, but the feeling of accomplishing it will be lessened because it was just too dark before.
M. Peach 8th Feb 1:18 PM, 2017
I think the opposite, especially since there was the one glimmer of hope when Beauty was there.
Fluffy 8th Feb 2:54 PM, 2017
Well I mean, regardless things are always dark for the Beast character. Even if Argus did have a happy life, he still turns into a beast somehow and ends up having to deal with the curse. One of the key themes of BATB is learning to love regardless of who you are. In my opinion, making him have a happy past with a loving family or whatever really does make him less understandable as a character and would honestly be a bit confusing???

Megan's take is different and way more in depth then a lot of BATB adaptions I have seen which I appreciate rather than a cliche "He was once a rich and spoiled prince who had everything until a fairy cursed him". Hell, some adaptions don't even really tell you anything about the Beast other than he punched a fairy one day.

So I have to agree with Peach.
Seeing Beast/Argus constantly struggle with being neglected and not loved, thinking he doesn't deserve to be happy, as well as trying to keep his sanity as this monster with almost zero company makes me feel sympathy for him as a character and makes me really cheer for him and Beauty getting a happy end where he finally learns what love is and that he has the right to happiness just like anyone else.
DawnStar 9th Feb 11:26 AM, 2017
I think I might get a bit where you're coming from. Beast/Argus's life has been pretty... bleak up until this point.

It's not exactly the most healthy relationship between him and Beauty. At this point he may end up living solely for Beauty. I'm hoping he'll learn to live for himself and his own happiness.
He's also definitely going to have a lot of depression issues to work through that won't go away overnight. But honestly? I like to think that when this story comes to an end, and if/when he gets together with Beauty, that they'll manage to work through those issues together.

That said I don't think that the darkness of this story tarnishes the goodness. And like Peach and Fluffy I think that if only serves to make Beast's character make more sense. But maybe that's just me hating the "uhh he was a pretty prince, but he was a jerk" trope.
The Doodler 9th Feb 10:07 PM, 2017
The Doodler
And to make matters worse, I'm afraid the poor guy is going there to die (as a trade for the curse?) and doesn't really mind. He'll have some stuff to work through, that's for sure. But those two seem mutually better around each other, which...
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:02 PM, 2017
Aaaand I'm back.

Oh, poor Beast. That has got to hurt, between the blood dripping from his chest and getting gravel ground into his knees. I wonder how close he is to the center of the labyrinth.