Act Three, Chapter Two: 05

16th Feb 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Feb 11:00 PM, 2017
Ah, thank you all for the many, many, MANY wonderful congratulations! I'm doing well recovering (though tender, because SOMEone decided to be born with his hand in his mouth) and even though both Mr.Megan and I are tired, we're both riding high on that wave of new baby hormones and quite happy. I'm completely drunk on this child. Facebook memes and sappy songs make sense now and all my cynicism is gone (I'll do my best to muster it for the sake of the story, I promise! Gotta get that darkness before the dawn and all).

So for the congratulations and advice, thank you all SO much. It was a pleasure reading these. For those of you also expecting, I'm thrilled for you! Four days in and this is a wild ride.


Mar-ee 16th Feb 11:36 PM, 2017
Hang in there Beast 8(, poor soul

Congrats also and glad to hear you and your family are doing well ^^
Lisa Conner 17th Feb 2:44 AM, 2017
I tried to be born lying down comfortably sideways. For some reason, my Mom did not like this. :)
KatieKat 17th Feb 7:24 AM, 2017
This is proof that art imitates life, because Megan, Argus is really reflecting your strength and courage in today's strip. Your little man will grow up with a fine mother.
Cat 17th Feb 12:15 PM, 2017
*looks at watch* Can we get past the getting-boring-supposed-to-be-heartwrenching part and get to the happy ending already?
Stitchlingbelle 17th Feb 2:10 PM, 2017
Fluffy 17th Feb 4:35 PM, 2017
No one is making you to read this, Cat. If you dislike the pace this story is going at or certain plot points, you can easily just stop reading it.
Reminder that Ms. Megan puts her own time and energy into this story and is nice enough to give us the privilege of reading her adaption for free. It's okay to give constructive criticism but it is another thing to constantly comment on how this story isn't going the way you specifically want it to.

Be patient. Be respectful. Otherwise, stop reading this if it isn't your cup of tea or at the very least ease up on the Negative Nelly comments.
Cat 18th Feb 1:11 PM, 2017
I am not being a negative nelly, I am just pointing out that the prolonged, angsty part of how EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BEAST'S LIFE SUCKED is getting really, really tiring to read about. We get it, his past sucked, his mother was a horrible person, he lost everything he ever liked or loved and the brief moment with Beauty made him happy, but now he feels like he lost her, too. We get it. Sad, bad things upon sad, bad things for Argus.

Lighten up, please! It gets really difficult to care about a character, when their entire personality, background and practically reason for existing is "everything was terrible, you should feel bad for them".

Trying to continue to tickle the tear-ducts of readers by reminding the readers, oh, by the way, still bad things happening to this sad, poor, pitiful character... it fails.

Want some examples on where having things repeatedly or constantly be sad or depressing ended up badly, because it causes the audience to lose interest? Manga Koi Zora; AIR; Bitter Virgin. Games like Persona 3; Final Fantasy X; Danganronpa; even Shin Megami Tensei games, though I really enjoy them.

It's gonna end in a happy ending, anyway, why drag it out? Unless this is gonna end with Beast dying and Beauty returning to his side, deciding to die by his side. Just... to quote Monty Python: Get on with it.
Fluffy 18th Feb 7:30 PM, 2017
(Sorry if I came across as hostile, I was really tired when I wrote my first reply)
Once again, No one is making you read this. If you don't like the way this is progressing, you really don't need to keep reading it. I understand this isn't everyone's cup of tea. Or you can simply not look at updates for a few months and then catch up to the end or something since I'm sure we have about a year left? Maybe less?
And honestly if you are disliking the way Ms. Megan is dishing out the story, no one is stopping you from writing your own take on Beauty and the Beast. I'm serious, if you have a solid idea on what you would like in a Beauty and the Beast story, go ahead and give it a shot. It's definitely worth a try.
Angry Guest 17th Feb 10:24 PM, 2017
*looks at calendar* Huh, look at that. Ms Megan has been putting up with your shitty snide remarks for over a year now, Cat! Can we skip ahead to the part where you shut the fuck up already?

Sorry, Ms Megan. I don't mean to cuss in your comments, and I'll refrain from doing so again in the future, but I found your comic recently and I've been so consistently unimpressed with Cat's comments that I had to say SOMETHING. Your comic has been a very enjoyable read. Please know that 99% of readers appreciate you sharing your work with us for free, and aren't entitled assholes.
Angrier Guest 18th Feb 8:58 PM, 2017
Nobody asked for your opinion
Cat 19th Feb 5:25 AM, 2017
No need to ask for it, you get it for free. If you don't want to read people's opinions, I highly suggest you get off the internet.

Fluffy: The main reason I am coming across as negative is because I am so disappointed. When I found out about this comic and read it, I liked it. It changed things, added its own things - that's great.

Even Argus' bad past didn't bother me. Why? Because it was in-between scenes that were not just dark and depressing. There was also a good dynamic between him and Beauty; it wasn't just focusing on how things were bad for him, the dialogues were bouncing off well and that was interesting to read.

And now... it's nothing but Argus. And his bad past. And he's sad. There is no depth anymore. It's boring to read, because you are basically just looking at one character, who seems pretty one-note in terms of what defines him (his bad past with mommy dearest) and it is really petering close to the line of Angst heading into the Wangst department.

And this is really bad writing. The comic is great, but this rising, constant focus on sad, poor Argus is... it gets boring, because there's no change. Maybe more pages interspliced with what's going on with Beauty would expand the focus - as long as Beauty isn't just moping around, longing for the Beast.
Fluffy 20th Feb 12:24 PM, 2017
So this comment spree is getting long so this is my last comment on this page. Apologies for any spelling errors.

We keep seeing Argus right now because he is still being built up. We are still learning about him just like we learned about Beauty. Remember back in Act I where all we saw was Beauty's buildup and past while we knew pretty much jack about Beast and only started seeing stuff about him on and off in Act II? We are also still seeing Beauty and even though not much is happening now, character development is definitely on the horizon. Like the calm before the storm for her. Anyway, I would rather have a long buildup of a character rather than the short vague stuff like what many BATB adaptions have done and in my opinion rushing a character's past and buildup is pretty lazy so if long explanations of Argus's past, even if sad, give us better insight on him, so be it. Plus wouldn't it be lazy to just cut everything off as it is now and just have Argus die, Beauty save him and turn him human, and them living happily ever after with a lot of loose threads still laying around? What about the conflicts with Argus's past still? What exactly is his contract? What contract did he make to free Beauty? What the hell is Beauty's mom and how does she tie in? Will Beauty begin forming a stronger bond with her family? There is still a ton of stuff that needs to be solved.

And I feel like you are getting angst mixed up with suspense and character building. Angst tends to be used just for shock value for the audience and doesn't exactly help benefit the characters whatsoever. We are seeing Argus's past and a lot of it to get a sense of who he was, what he is now, and how his character is building up like in this panel. As Narnia4Aslan said: Right now Argus/Beast is reaching a point where rather than cowering or being passive like he was in the past against his abusers, he is standing on his own two feet and facing this conflict head on without wallowing in self pity. This is because of his interactions with Beauty and the development he has faced. So Ms. Megan showing us who he is now and who he was back then is sort of giving us as readers a sense of "before and after" so we can see his character development.

Besides, I am pretty positive we are reaching a conclusion with Argus's past as I am sure the incident that lead up to all this is coming up really soon.

Michael 26th Apr 1:26 AM, 2017
Didnt you notice he is just finished with sad poor Argus and going to become the come at me I can take it Argus?

Take a brake of a few weeks and binge read the part if you dont like it.
Kawaii overload 19th Feb 7:19 AM, 2017
But Cat, this is the beginning of the lastest chspter we're seeing here. It may shift focus back to Beauty and her family very soon.
Narnia4Aslan 19th Feb 3:29 PM, 2017
Hi Cat! I understand where you are coming from, the whole dark and gloom elements of any story or character are a thread that must be woven just right, not too thick, not too thin. It is a tricky balance to achieve and we feel it most keenly in stories we love. I would suggest that part of the "dragging" nature we feel at this point is due to the web-comic form and updating schedule, which is an inherent part of the web-comic experience (at least for comics not-yet completed - and this is in no way a critique on the current updating schedule - again Ms Megan, enjoy your time with your son and take as long as you need to return to us). If we were to read this story in book form, turning from page to page, the pace would be a lot faster and perhaps more bearable. As for Beauty I feel like we just left her a few moments/pages ago. She may not be with the Beast literally but they still have chemistry together even when they are apart.

I also would argue that in this particular page are two important, story-significant happenings. First the whole scene is leading up to the climatic battle of the story. Second it is showing Beast as more than just a victim with a victim's mentality. His CHOICE to "stand" is finally showing His courage and strength to overcome the label of "beast" that he has been burdened with his whole life. He is no longer "sad-poor Argus" but rather a hero we can root for. In that way the battle has already been won. Whatever fight is coming, he will face it head-on. That is encouraging. I can't wait to see what will happen next!

Of course we all have our own opinions and you'll find that even die-hard fans of any story/series/franchise will disagree on elements that they think could have been "done better", or "gone faster" or "needed more character development". *cough* Star Wars *cough* Nevertheless, if giving a "helpful" critique or criticism, a humble gentle tone is better. Unless of course you are trying to start an argument, or you are in the middle of die-hard fans who prey on any dissenters! ;) And if you love a story enough, you might try your own hand at making it sometime! I want to retell my own version of B&tB someday! It truly is a "tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme"!
The Young Entity 10th May 12:22 AM, 2018
Cat, sorry if this seems rude, but Ms. Megan just put a lot of time and effort, not to mention taking time away from her new, dear little one, just to bring us amusement and pleasure.
We have no right to demand a different pace or story plot.
She is the author, and it is her right to create this story as she sees fit.
It is a privilege for us to be even seeing this story. You need to understand that.
Stitchlingbelle 17th Feb 2:11 PM, 2017
Oooh, I like this page. I assumed he was just going to collapse tragically-- I should hav eknown better! I can't wait to see what's revealed while he's going down swinging.
Narnia4Aslan 17th Feb 7:58 PM, 2017
Ahh! This is good! When I first read Beast's "No" in the page before this, I assumed he would find strength by referencing Beauty somehow. Even though she is not named here, I like to think that she is on his mind, that he is fighting for her, and it is SHE that gave him the courage and sense of self-worth to fight his battle "standing" like a MAN, with a man's dignity, NOT on all fours like a BEAST. (... and that is quite the run-on sentence... apologies to my English teacher!)
Hallan 18th Feb 11:09 AM, 2017
Awesome. :)
Hallan 19th Feb 8:24 AM, 2017
Also, Ms. Megan, please ignore 'skip-ahead-Cat'. Your pacing is fine. If she can't tell angst from suspense, that's her problem.
Paula Richey 19th Feb 11:00 AM, 2017
Hear, hear.

Always darkest before the dawn - and I appreciate that instead of moping around refusing to eat, Beast is facing his fears in a creepy haunted labyrinth, and I'm pretty sure he's paying Beauty's debt in his own blood. This is big. It really shouldn't be glossed over like he's just window dressing to Beauty's story.

(Glossing over Beast's struggle right now would be - dare I say it - bad writing -.- )
Sophi(e)a 20th Feb 11:23 PM, 2017
Agreed. And the way I see it, any lagging can be contributed to the fact that pain can sometimes make it feel as if time has slowed down.
ChiOfTheTripod 20th Feb 12:26 AM, 2017
Yay story! Yay baby! My second d is now 15 months old. Enjoy that baby bliss and new motherhood. It's a wonderful adventure. Best wishes for sleep and recuperating after labor.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:12 PM, 2017
I feel like we are seeing the growth the Beast has gone through here, since the impression I've had of him up to this point is that he's someone who feels more comfortable running away from his problems, rather than confronting them. Here he wants to face his conflict--in this case, his imminent death--head on. That does show us that he's braver than he was before, even if the core problems that have led him here--his depression and his lack of self-worth--are still in play and are still driving him towards self-destruction.