Act Three, Chapter Two:06

20th Feb 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two:06
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Fluffy 20th Feb 11:04 PM, 2017
Oh boy... Hemlock...
In the words of Michael Scott: "Oh my god! Okay it's happening! Everybody stay calm! Stay f*cking calm!"

The Doodler 20th Feb 11:38 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Mar-ee 20th Feb 11:41 PM, 2017
Oh dear :o
Narnia4Aslan 20th Feb 11:48 PM, 2017
Gaahhh! ...and oh my gosh! I called it! That never happens to me! He's STANDING LIKE A MAN! YAY!... and hemlock?! ... ooohh, this isn't going to be pretty!
Ransom 21st Feb 12:17 AM, 2017
Oh...that's not good.

Unless Hemlock has a totally different effect on magical beasts than it did on Socrates.
Exasperated Dwarf 21st Feb 9:59 AM, 2017
Nooooooooo! No he crossed out low dosage! Which, yeah, I guess that makes sense as that might not effect him, but nooooo!!
Stitchlingbelle 21st Feb 12:35 PM, 2017
AHHHHHHH *screams forever*
metaceryn 21st Feb 4:58 PM, 2017
Um, Beast gave Beauty a lot of his books, including the horticultural collection. And it looks like the path is transitioning to a wooden surface about 2/3rds of the way down the page.

Either we're about to have another Argus-flavored flashback, or Beauty's about to engage in some high-stakes herbology.
metaceryn 21st Feb 5:15 PM, 2017
Going further, that's wild carrot on the left-hand page (it's not labeled as such but ffs it's a carrot what more do you want), which we know takes care of problems like undesirable children. We might be watching Mommy Duress prenatally remove her princely competition very soon.
Kirala 22nd Feb 11:10 PM, 2017
I'm betting flashback - but it wouldn't surprise me to learn this parallel's the Beast's current actions, either. (Part of me wonders whether Argus's heinous crime was suicide, forebodings of matricide to the contrary.)
Narnia4Aslan 23rd Feb 11:02 PM, 2017
Beauty? as in SHE is about to use hemlock? mmm... that is an interesting thought, considering she does have his herbology books but I don't really see why she would and it doesn't seem in her nature to kill or harm anything... maybe like Kirala said Beast's past may include an attempted suicide (which I believe has been suggested before), but I don't really see the current Beast trying that again. I can see Beast submitting himself to someone or something as a living sacrifice destined to die, but not actually committing suicide himself.
Fluffy 23rd Feb 11:22 PM, 2017
This will either be a flashback, an illusion made by the maze, or even a bit of symbolism for him not choosing to quit like he did as a human.
The entity that is in the castle and its grounds has sort of mocked Beast in a sense of making him repeat his decisions as a human like releasing the song birds. This could have been a sort of attempt to just make him quit and die there but since our Beast has grown so, he isn't making the same mistakes as he did in the past.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:18 PM, 2017
"Like a man"--that's painful to read, given how much the Beast struggles to think of himself as not a monster. Also I am deeply worried about the page on hemlock being ripped out of his notebook and the part about "malformation" and "low dosage" being crossed out. If he intending to poison himself or his mother? Both of them?