Act Three, Chapter Two: 07

24th Feb 11:24 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 07
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the selkie wife 24th Feb 11:37 AM, 2017
flashbacks . . . flashback to the abortifacent for his girlfriend? or is this one he's making for her as queen?

or possibly he's gonna murder the heck out of his devil mother. (doubt it, but it would be nice)
Fluffy 24th Feb 11:40 AM, 2017
"Stop a heart"

Does he want to end himself or someone else?
Kirala 24th Feb 12:19 PM, 2017
I get the feeling the answer is "yes". And that he has as little idea as we do right now which "or" is the ultimate goal.
Madstuart 24th Feb 5:01 PM, 2017
Well, uh, I guess that answers the question about how he ended up without a heart(beat).

Ye gads.
Andi 24th Feb 7:01 PM, 2017
Yay! I can finally comment after catching up on everything.

Either he's gonna stop his own heart or he's gonna stop the heart of his mother. Is he really that depressed that he wants to end his life now... or does he want to save the unborn child from the crazy mother?

The drama! I can't wait to read. :)
Paula Richey 25th Feb 11:55 AM, 2017
My guess is that he plans to stop his own heart - how's his mother going to install him as heir if he's dead? She's done all this "for him" whether he wants it or not, so it's time to call her out on it. Her scheme hinges on him. The only sure way he can forever avoid becoming part of her schemes and not have this whole situation become a Shakespearean tragedy/bloodbath is to sacrifice a pawn... and he's the pawn.
Cat 25th Feb 6:05 PM, 2017
To quote Severus Snape: "I can teach you how to brew glory, even to stopper death..."
Guest 26th Feb 2:06 PM, 2017
It will be difficult to stop a heart of someone whom hasn't it... if you catch my drift.
Guest 26th Feb 2:06 PM, 2017
It will be difficult to stop a heart of someone whom hasn't it... if you catch my drift.
Michael 26th Apr 1:34 AM, 2017
What if he found out that he had unknowingly played a part in his moms scheme to kill some possible rivals?
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:23 PM, 2017
Oooof, Argus, honey. This is not a happy line of thought. "I know a hundred herbs that can stop a heart." Again, the question is whether you mean your own or someone else's. I suspect it's your own, though, given how you're in the process of sacrificing yourself in the present.