Act Three, Chapter Two: 08

27th Feb 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 08
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Mar-ee 27th Feb 11:33 PM, 2017
I have a feeling I know what happens. And if it is poor Argus 8(, this must have weighed on him more than anyone can understand
ShinyHappyGoth 28th Feb 12:14 AM, 2017
Oh dear oh dear.

(Typo in "respiratory".)
Cat 28th Feb 7:00 AM, 2017
I know, Argus... I read the cliffnote version on the ripped page. Just grab some wolfsbane and that other thing Snape mentioned and make the Draught Of Living Death. (I would flunk written Potion tests.)
Guest 28th Feb 6:18 PM, 2017
Hey, I know you're bored right now, but your tone lately is bothering me. Argus is wrestling with issues not only of potentially murdering his abuser but even more likely of suicide. This is *not* a light issue, and one extremely difficult to handle well. I've seen enough people in real life wrestling with that kind of trauma and internal debate to be impressed with how it's being shown here--and how it's being treated with compassion and understanding.

You may not be enjoying it; that's fine. However, your repeated trivialization and dismissal of an issue of mental health and deep pain people live with is not okay. Today's comment honestly just felt to me like "Oh just go harm yourself and spare us your feelings." That sort of thing, even said indirectly, gets internalized and pushes really, really emotional buttons. Can you please find other ways to express your impatience than to wish for a very relatable character to just get on with his likely suicide attempt?
Amberwriter 28th Feb 6:25 PM, 2017
I actually generally like Cat's comments, gotta love me some HP references! And while you're right, dismissal of mental health is harmful, I'm nearly positive that wasn't what Cat intended, and it didn't come off that way to me. :)
Guest 1st Mar 3:27 AM, 2017
Seconded. People on the internet really need to make their tone clear; otherwise we get situations where generic impatience for a story (understandable) becomes, honestly, both mean and rude towards the people who are providing a FREE service and story.
Guest2 1st Mar 3:24 PM, 2017
Or towards someone who's actually gone through that sort of thing.
Cat 2nd Mar 7:41 AM, 2017
I'm not triviliazing an intent on committing suicide - was also not my intention. I've had issues with suicidal thoughts and am still fighting depression, though that not for the first time - so, it's not like I'm the type of person who shrugs and thinks "Ach, get over yourself" would actually work.

The first part of my comment was intended to point out how... well, I thought it was a bit unnecessary to mention what ingesting hemlock does: as said, it's already been mentioned two pages ago, albeit in much shorter form.

I could have suggested other poisonous plants to ingest, but I figured THAT might come across as a little too insensitive and like I was trying to assist with suicide tips.

If this still comes across as insensitive, sorry. I'm just trying to explain myself.
Guest 2nd Mar 6:44 PM, 2017
I'm sorry you have to live with that; it's never easy for anyone.

I didn't really think that was your intention, although I'm glad to hear it confirmed. Hearing that you had thought of the more insensitive thing to say and decided not to doesn't really change the fact, though, that whatever your intentions, it really can come off that way--did, to me, quite viscerally. I'm not asking for explanations; I'm just asking for you to, in the future, remember that being careless with your words *did* give that impression, however unintentionally, and to please find other ways of expressing your impatience with the pace in the future.
The Young Entity 10th May 12:31 AM, 2018
I'm sorry that you've been going through that, Cat
Unfortunately, I can truthfully say I know what that's like, and it is far from pleasant.
You will be in my prayers! (I hope you don't mind.)
Hallan 28th Feb 7:42 AM, 2017
Hemlock tea. Two cups. I'm not sure I'm liking how this is adding up...
Guest 28th Feb 7:44 AM, 2017
If it is for his Mother, he'll be doing a favor to Humanity. She's not a human being, she's a plague.
Greymuse 28th Feb 7:57 AM, 2017
A teapot and two cups. His mother to rid the world of her, and himself because he can't live with the guilt of having killed his own mother?
Was his mother an herbalist as well, would she taste something off if the tea is meant for her?
prime_pm 28th Feb 8:22 AM, 2017
We secretly switched Argus' coffee with Folgers Crystals. Let's watch.
Andi 28th Feb 12:27 PM, 2017
Oh I laughed at this and then I felt bad...
Hallan 1st Mar 8:36 AM, 2017
Same here.
Fluffy 28th Feb 10:06 AM, 2017
If he is planning on taking his mother down, I hope Argus did a good job at covering that "tea" seeing that his mom is a pretty damn good herbalist as well.
Since she is a mistress, I am sure she informed herself well on what certain toxic plants smell like at least to make sure no one gets the drop on her.
Guest 28th Feb 12:30 PM, 2017
Hrm. I don't think he will be successful enough. However, a new idea came to mind: is it possible he goes to the sacred place and asks them to kill her in exchange for his heart?
Paula Richey 28th Feb 2:18 PM, 2017
Suspected accomplice, Mrs. Potts.
Narnia4Aslan 28th Feb 10:25 PM, 2017
Oh! I see the empty bird cages hanging above Argus in panel three! Freedom, freedom and yet not THIS Freedom!
Halle King 2nd Mar 8:26 AM, 2017
Oh dear...what if he helps his mother kill the baby? I know we've been discussing suicide or killing his mother.
Fluffy 2nd Mar 12:25 PM, 2017
I would like to think this isn't what Argus is planning on doing. Though it would be a major shocker if he decided to just roll with his mother's plan.
However, Argus doesn't seem interested in becoming the crowned prince and seemed really shocked and disturbed by the idea of killing his unborn half sibling so for him to suddenly go along with his mother's plan would be a bit of a backtrack from his attitude last chapter.
Michael 26th Apr 1:41 AM, 2017
I dont see him poisoning his mom or somebody else.
Still wondering what is going on.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:28 PM, 2017
I'm guessing that he's trying to figure out the best way to kill himself with what he knows about botany. It seems like he's making himself some hemlock tea or hemlock poison that he could mix into a drink, but the idea of dying from respiratory paralysis is too frightening to him. Which suggests that he might have his doubts about wanting to die, which he is trying to ignore.