Act Three, Chapter Two: 10

6th Mar 9:51 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 10
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Kawaii overload!!! 6th Mar 10:03 PM, 2017
Wait, Argus don't! Think about what Aornis would do! Killing yourself won't bring you anything!!!
Mar-ee27 6th Mar 11:37 PM, 2017
My goodness given his life, and what he's about to do its a wonder he didn't have a heart attack
Cat 7th Mar 7:50 AM, 2017
I'm surprised he hasn't already suffered one before...
Fluffy 6th Mar 11:48 PM, 2017
Oh god, it's The Knife™
Vain.3805 7th Mar 12:48 AM, 2017
Patent Pending
The Doodler 7th Mar 10:47 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Andi 7th Mar 11:15 AM, 2017
Oh dear. :/ In his head, he wants to be with the one person who cared about him. :/ This is not good and is so taboo. Not good at all.
Guest 7th Mar 2:58 PM, 2017
"I was so concerned with myself… So burdened by the weight of my own heart… I never considered that a man with no heart is a beast."
(Act 2, Chapter 1: 32-33)
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:38 PM, 2017
There goes the hemlock potion...but then Argus sees Aornis's collar and the knife he used to cut her throat, which he was told was a quick and merciful way for her to die. So he's probably getting it into his head now that using that knife on himself would have the same result, even though that death wouldn't be nearly as clean for him, because it's much harder to manage than drinking poison would be.