Act Three, Chapter Two: 11

9th Mar 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 11
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Fluffy 9th Mar 11:03 PM, 2017
What do we have here?
Why it's the leading ladies coming to save Argus!!!!
Mar-ee 10th Mar 12:02 AM, 2017
Now I feel like I'm getting an Inception moment or something:o
Cat 10th Mar 7:24 AM, 2017
The Dog and the Swanmaiden.
It's a sequel and it's coming.
Naomi 10th Mar 10:56 AM, 2017
oooh I'm starting to wonder... since Beauty's mother has been hinted to be a swan maiden, are we going to see Beauty don her mother's feather cloak in order to get back to Argus in time to save him?
Guest 10th Mar 11:24 AM, 2017
Oh my god. It's a piece of his face.

I love how only know that he has long shaggy hair and a beard/goatee. So... now we get a tease that shows his eye.

Is the past and present blending together? Is this what is to happen? The dog will reach out through time to bring Beauty to Argus in the hedge maze?
TK 10th Mar 11:25 AM, 2017
"Find me in the future!"
Stitchlingbelle 10th Mar 12:29 PM, 2017
Oooh, I really like the layout of this page.
Fluffy 10th Mar 4:57 PM, 2017
Alright so after over 12 hours of letting this page soak in, this is what I think is going on in this page:
We see Argus looking at the knife and Aornis's collar from the last page and most likely coming up with the "Mortal Sin" he is eventually going to commit.
Then we transitions back to Beauty's POV where she is dreaming and following Aornis who most definitely has something she wants to show Beauty.

Or it could possibly be Beauty and Argus's dreams are beginning to merge.
Mad Hatter 10th Mar 6:09 PM, 2017
Where are you going with with?

By the way, is your tyke letting you get enough sleep?
ArtsieSteph 10th Mar 8:13 PM, 2017
Interesting! I remember when Beast had his reflection become human when he was more in touch with his humanity, could it be that in releasing Beauty he also released himself from being "immortal" and turns human to die unless she saves him? Hmmmmmm!!
The Doodler 11th Mar 4:34 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Love that intense determined run.
Kawaii overload!!! 12th Mar 9:38 AM, 2017
It's weird, but I actually had a dream where I saw Argus getting into an argument with Madame about why she wasn't a real parent to him. She gave him a bullsh*t reason, tried to kill him and he killed her in self defense, with her last words being "You really are a beast." Call me crazy if you wish, but I have a gut feeling that what my dream showed me may relate to what Argus's mortal sin was.
On a side note, who here is educators to see the live action Beauty and the Beast this Friday? I know I am! I've been waiting for that movie forever!
Kawaii overload!!! 12th Mar 9:40 AM, 2017
I meant to say "excited" not educators. Dagnabbit autocorrect!!! D:<
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:46 PM, 2017
I think this might be the first time we've seen Argus's eyes (or eye, in this case). Also it looks like Beauty and Aornis might be coming to the rescue? How real that image is is unclear. After all, we've had no lead up to Beauty's return from her side of the story at this point, and I doubt Megan would jump into it without giving us some emotional set-up. Also, Beauty is in her swan cloak, is wearing roses, and is following Aornis--all of which we've seen before when she's dreaming. So this seems more likely to be a dream, but the question is, is it something that Beauty is dreaming about, so we can smoothly transition into her POV, or is this the Beast's dying dream, to show that he doesn't actually want to die, but to be saved by someone who loves him?