Act Three, Chapter Two: 12

13th Mar 11:44 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 12
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Fluffy 13th Mar 11:51 PM, 2017
"Why did I think running barefoot was a good idea?"

It is safe to say that she is in a similar dream sequence as she was in Act 2 chapter 4. Also the rose on her chest is new ;) Looks like everything is going to start tying together real soon.
Kirala 14th Mar 8:52 AM, 2017
Well, the Beast gave her a rose from where his heart should be as a parting gift. Fitting that she wears it near her heart.
Mar-ee 14th Mar 12:38 AM, 2017
Crazy dream/night/flashback huh Beauty?
Caro 14th Mar 4:25 AM, 2017
Beauty, you were looking for that boy with the broken nose and pretty hair, remember?! ;)
Guest 14th Mar 1:37 PM, 2017
Oh boy. Does he see her or can she find him? If this is a dream she still has to wake up. In many tales of Beauty and the Beast, Belle dreams she sees the Prince die or the Beast dying in the middle of a garden. So this is a take on that I assume? I want to see his face. I'm picturing a surfer dude?
Fluffy 14th Mar 2:56 PM, 2017
Oh sweet jesus, now I can't stop picturing Surfer Dude Argus....
Guest 14th Mar 7:09 PM, 2017
Heh. Yeah, for some reason he fits the stereotypical look (so far). We shall see though when he gets revealed.
Anon. 15th Mar 2:19 PM, 2017
Love this comic!

Also just a general request: please watch your language commenters--you never know if kids are reading. :)
Cat 16th Mar 1:01 PM, 2017
This is the internet. Nobody can put a restraint on the internet. Plus, have you listened to kids these days? They have mouths as bad as sailors - and it's not a new thing.

And if they don't read swear words on the internet, they'll hear them from friends, their parents or just in public.
Guest 16th Mar 8:45 PM, 2017
Of course I shall remember to be mindful of our younger readers.

Also @ Cat:
Michael 26th Apr 1:52 AM, 2017
The worst things I ever heard came from a grandma, 30 years ago, shouting at me from a window.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 2:54 PM, 2017
That answers that question. This is Beauty's dream and she is feeling very, very anxious about her choice to leave the castle and the Beast in the first place (as shown by her having unanswered questions about what she's running towards/trying to find again). Also I wonder if some of the portraits have silohettes of the characters we've met on them. I can't quite tell.