Act one, Chapter Two: 23

6th Dec 11:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 23
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 6th Dec 11:00 AM, 2012
The end of Chapter two!

So, despite evidence to the contrary, I CAN draw when I put the time into it... I just tend to hurry through in favour of getting the story out there... This is a big learning curve for me, and I hope by the end of this little story, I'll have real comic-makin' chops. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone! Chapter Three starts on Tuesday.


ashhenson 6th Dec 11:17 AM, 2012
I'm loving this so far!
cattservant 6th Dec 11:48 AM, 2012
And neither fight nor flight...
What is wrong, what is right?
Kim M 6th Dec 7:41 PM, 2012
I so needed this update today! And what a wonderful way to end Chapter Two. I can't wait to see how Chapter Three opens....
MsMegan 7th Dec 10:09 PM, 2012
Glad to be of service! But what kind of day must you have been having that a crying girl is a good thing?!
Kim M 7th Dec 11:06 PM, 2012
LOL. Didn't really think about that. :) It's just that I wait to read Tuesday's page after you've posted Friday's. So I got to read both pages a day before I expected to. And since I was tallying up things that make me happy on a rather dreadful day...well. But I fear I'm being insensitive to poor Beauty's plight. :D ::pats Beauty:: There, there...things'll get better, m'dear....
The Doodler 6th Dec 10:08 PM, 2012
The Doodler
You really depicted the emotions so well on this page--like how she's still obviously, at some level, expecting to be attacked in the first panel. I also love how it establishes her character in the last panel--that she stops herself from breaking down and showing fear or sadness until the Beast is out of the room and can't see her do it.
MsMegan 7th Dec 10:12 PM, 2012
Thank you very, very much! I'm learning a lot more about these characters as they begin to "act" as well! I'm happy that it's coming across.
a Drop of Beauty 7th Dec 12:26 AM, 2012
a Drop of Beauty
Aw, hugs.
Rosen 7th Dec 11:00 PM, 2012
Just by trying your hand at it, you are proving you have chops! I am so enjoying where this is going and I am impressed by how your choosing to just dive into this. It just gets better and better. :) can't wait for chapter 3!
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 5:52 PM, 2013
Yeah, I think they're both going to be spending this first night crying. Beauty is definitely freaked out by all of this - and by him - which is completely understandable. And he knows it and it hurts him, the poor dear. I'd like to give them both hugs but, alas, I'm only reading their story and not in it. Darn. There's very good emotion in this page, though. Hopefully she will stop expecting him to hurt her soon. (Crosses fingers.)
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 10:10 PM, 2013
Poor Beauty! My heart breaks for her all over again. She's been so brave--and perhaps disbelieving--this entire time. And now she breaks.