Act Three, Chapter Two: 13

17th Mar 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 13
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Mar-ee 17th Mar 12:01 AM, 2017
Doors, revealing something?

The vines/thorns... now why does that part feel familiar? As in familaar to someone else's vision
melaredblu 17th Mar 12:39 AM, 2017
All those thorns on the ground. Bet you wish you put some shoes on now.
Guest 17th Mar 8:47 AM, 2017
I guess the maze may just be accessed by dream. Cause magic? But the question is, will she get there in time? Will he be in his human form the last time she had a dream that involved him?
Fluffy 17th Mar 12:09 PM, 2017
Ah, if it isn't The Interrupting Thorns from Act 2... We meet again.
metaceryn 17th Mar 4:10 PM, 2017
"Fortunately, as this was a dream sequence, Beauty dreamed up a napalm-shooting chainsaw and put the killer kudzu in its place."
32-07 18th Mar 1:12 AM, 2017
I know that you're awful busy creating this comic, but I was wondering if you could eventually draw and colour some of Beauty's wardrobe? I would love to possibly cosplay her in the future, but I would prefer to have coloured references, and I know that the rest of your viewership would also appreciate a few prints of your fantastic costumes
Alexandrea Sward 18th Mar 3:12 PM, 2017
I love this telling of Beauty and the Beast. It is so much more real and thoughtful. The artwork is lovely and so detailed. How the chapters are introduced with the herbs and flowers is my favorite. This is such good work.
hannah 19th Mar 7:56 AM, 2017
i just caught up to everything in the last 24 hrs. I've really been enjoying everything about it!
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 3:16 PM, 2017
I love the details to this, like how Beauty's feather cloak flares out into wings and the horns on the doorknob. I think she's in the room that had the...uh...suggestive portrait of Leda in it, isn't she? Besides that, the vines are worrisome, especially since they're in the castle in this dream, rather than on the grounds where they normally are. Run away (if you can) Beauty!