Act Three, Chapter Two: 14

20th Mar 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 14
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 20th Mar 12:00 AM, 2017
Sorry for the radio silence, Dear Readers! Busy days at casa de Kearney, let me tell you!

For those interested, I've got a new interview up on Speech Bubble at the Never Sleeps Network, check that out HERE!


Kawaii overload!!! 20th Mar 10:06 PM, 2017
Oh man. This is it. Inside that coffin is either Madame or B*tch (I refuse to call Argus's former flame his former lover). Or perhaps his heart?! The suspense is killing me!!!
Kate from Iowa 21st Mar 6:02 PM, 2017
Well, I've been reading under the assumption that the blood he spilled in the sacred spot was his own, therefore the no heartbeat thing, so I'm betting it'll be him in there.
Mar-ee 20th Mar 11:37 PM, 2017
A coffin either foreshadowing or revelation either way we're in for a surpriseeee!
Commenter 21st Mar 1:42 AM, 2017
Oh my gosh...The Beast entrusted her with his heart. I should have seen that part as foreshadowing but I'm a total dunce! Agh! Beauty, don't stab him!
Sophi 21st Mar 1:59 AM, 2017
I have a sneaking suspicion this is actually something to do with her mother...
Guest 21st Mar 7:33 AM, 2017
Wait. There are doors. There is a coffin before the doors. Is it possible that Beauty's mother is protecting his heart? Oh man, can't wait until Friday.
Cat 21st Mar 10:42 AM, 2017
Beauty found Snow White's coffin.
metaceryn 21st Mar 10:51 AM, 2017
And that's when Beauty learned that the real coffin was the friends she made along the way.

Or something like that.
Paula Richey 21st Mar 12:47 PM, 2017
Oh, Princess, I buried my heart in the old churchyard...
But she dug up the old churchyard and didn't find it, so she planted roses all around to cover up what she'd done...
Miss Elcia 21st Mar 11:04 PM, 2017
My first thought was, "how many lives has this enchanted maze claimed?!?!"
Miss Elcia 21st Mar 11:04 PM, 2017
My first thought was, "how many lives has this enchanted maze claimed?!?!"
Michael 26th Apr 1:56 AM, 2017
And then she suddenly turns into a beautiful beastie and they live happy ever after...
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 3:21 PM, 2017
I am reminded of "Revolutionary Girl Utena" in that first panel, with the girl struggling to open up her beloved's coffin (and free them from the hollowed out version of life that they've been living, by showing them there is another way to live). The last panel reminds me of "RGU" as well, but also of Snow White--though in this case, the Beast would be the one in an enchanted sleep, and Beauty would be the one who awakens him.