Act Three, Chapter Two: 16

28th Mar 9:54 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 16
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 28th Mar 9:54 AM, 2017
I can't believe I turned down the chance to make an Evanescence gag here.


The Doodler 28th Mar 10:09 AM, 2017
The Doodler
What, to go along with Rush on the previous page? :p
Caro 28th Mar 10:13 AM, 2017
I would have LOVED an Evanescence gag, but this is fine, too. :)

Though I really have to fight the urge to crawl into the page, take the knife from her and kick her onto her way back to the castle - seriously girl, if you wait much longer there'll be no single drop of blood left in that poor tormented body of his! XD
Stitchlingbelle 28th Mar 10:45 AM, 2017
lol @ the Evanescence ref

Fluffy 28th Mar 2:32 PM, 2017
Swan Mom means get your butt back to the castle before stuff hits the fan!
Mar-ee 28th Mar 5:11 PM, 2017
So she gave her a vision 8B? Lucky Beauty didn't cut her finger during that potato peeling.
Mar-ee 28th Mar 5:11 PM, 2017
So she gave her a vision 8B? Lucky Beauty didn't cut her finger during that potato peeling.
Guest 28th Mar 5:14 PM, 2017
OH MAN. Beauty. Just by living around magic for a couple weeks (months?): if creepy women who show up in strange graveyards with guys in glass coffins isn't enough to hint that there is something going on with the Beast, I don't know what else to say.

Now, stop peeling potatoes and get to it.
Bequail 28th Mar 8:31 PM, 2017
I've been obsessed with beauty and the beast as of late, and when I found this comic and binged on it so hard I finished in a night. I have no self-control with webfiction, but at least I have something to look forwards too every couple days.

Anyway, I love the comic, especially all of the expressive faces! There's something about Beast's face that makes him look regal at one angle and then very huggable the next. I can't wait to see where this comic goes :))
metaceryn 29th Mar 2:22 AM, 2017
Tripping prophetic/premonitory balls in a magical graveyard, with your deceased vision guide and almost-deceased love interest(?) while peeling potatoes is absolutely terrible knife safety, Beauty. Seriously, don't come to work if you can't be safe about it.

(also Argus was totally an emo kid and as Beast that didn't change a damn bit)
The Doodler 30th Mar 11:28 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Where's Fairy OSHA when you need it? (Seriously, though, the fact that this is a vision and not a dream makes things seem that much more serious.)
Guest 29th Mar 5:39 AM, 2017
Man, she can't even daydream a little.

I understand her family are worried about her, but they are suffocating her like this!
prime_pm 29th Mar 8:36 AM, 2017
"I only ask because you've already chopped off two of your fingers."
Pneumarian 1st Apr 8:43 AM, 2017
*snrk* That's horrible!
Michael 26th Apr 2:03 AM, 2017
Aaand back to the profanity of potatoes.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 5:31 PM, 2017
Oh dear, that is a very vivid daydream. I thought she was actually sleeping during the previous pages, not awake and peeling potatoes. That is perhaps not the best task to interrupt her during, Swan Mom. She could have lost a finger!