Act Three, Chapter Two: 17

31st Mar 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 17
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st Mar 12:00 AM, 2017
it was allllll a dreeeeeam~

I have some exciting news, but I'll wait until we're less April-Fools-Approximate to post about it!


ChiOfTheTripod 31st Mar 12:03 AM, 2017
I love the rose in the potato peelings! Oh, this has me all anxious for Beast/Argue and I 'm waiting to see what will be the tipping point for Beauty to leave and "visit"/rescue him.
Kirala 31st Mar 7:23 AM, 2017
I love it doubly because of superstitions using potato or apple peelings for fortune-telling. :D
The Accidental Ninja 31st Mar 12:04 AM, 2017
The Accidental Ninja
Wow, nice catch there Beauty!
Mar-ee 31st Mar 12:29 AM, 2017
A rose in that peeling? Hmm I dunno about ghost hon but there's soemthing 8B
metaceryn 31st Mar 2:42 AM, 2017
Talking potato == ghost potato?
prime_pm 31st Mar 8:23 AM, 2017
I think I'm peeling my potatoes wrong, keep getting chrysanthemums.
Guest 31st Mar 9:00 AM, 2017
I never believed in April Fools. What do you wish to tell us, O wise Meghan?
The Doodler 31st Mar 10:46 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Girl's got reflexes.
Bequail 31st Mar 11:17 AM, 2017
Really appreciate how supportive the sisters are in your retelling, shows how torn Beauty is between her home life and her time with Beast.

Also, hate to be that person, but her bandage is missing from the last three panels, I think
MsMegan 31st Mar 3:26 PM, 2017
Whoops! Fixed.
Mad Hatter 1st Apr 11:14 AM, 2017
Compared to the first chapter, Beauty looks more mature.
Guest 1st Apr 11:42 AM, 2017
I wonder what will make her return. Another dream or will something magical happen? Or, maybe, her sister will say she should go.
Stitchlingbelle 1st Apr 11:51 PM, 2017
Award for Most Emotionally Resonant Use of a Potato goes to...
Cat 3rd Apr 5:30 AM, 2017
I'm glad she admits to feeling like the fifth weel on a bicycle with training-wheels.
Guest 3rd Apr 3:19 PM, 2017

Why that talking reminds me the song Mystery?

"And I'm feeling like a Ghost"

"And I might just disapeeear"

Loved the rose, too. I just hope that Virtue will be more understandable than the rest of the family. Hope that Papa won't show up now.
Michael 26th Apr 2:07 AM, 2017
I hope the big News is
another bun in the oven.
Sounds funny from a big squishy grandfather ;-)
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 5:35 PM, 2017
Oh, wait, nope, it was a dream she had last night. I feel like Virtue wants things to go back to normal, and maybe thinks that if Beauty talks about what's on her mind, they can make steps towards that. But Beauty feels like she doesn't belong here anymore, and there's a part of her that hasn't left where she was, either. On another note, I enjoy how the potato peelings are in the shape of a rose.