Disney Princess

3rd Apr 9:06 PM, 2017
Disney Princess
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Apr 9:06 PM, 2017
So, here's another of the Secret Projects I was working on over the winter! I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute some scripts to Disney Princess' special Belle issue! The comic will be out on the 19th!

If you pick up the comic, and just happen to tweet Joebooks that you bought it because you heard that OMG Megan Kearney is writing on it, well... I'd love to encourage them to work with me again! ;P

(Blackbird's sleepy suit says "Big Dino" on it, if you were struggling to work that out)

Comic will update as usual tonight!


Fluffy 3rd Apr 11:06 PM, 2017
Congrats, Ms. Megan! That's a great opportunity!

I shall have some money stashed away for when it comes out.
Laura Castro 4th Apr 12:48 AM, 2017
WOW, the baby's already so big!! It's like he was born yesterday... that's SUCH a cute picture.
manga 4th Apr 9:43 AM, 2017
This is great to see on so many levels! Blackbird is darling and I can't wait to read the comic!
Stitchlingbelle 4th Apr 10:58 AM, 2017
*hysterical screams of joy*

I'm such a huge fan of the current princess comics! They're the prefect antidote to the generic all-sparkle-all-same "Disney Princess" brand problems. The art is adorable and the jokes are great. They're the firs thing my six-year-old ever tried reading for herself because she liked them so much.

And you are such a great fit for them! I can't wait to read your issue. It's going to be amazing!
Michael 26th Apr 2:09 AM, 2017
Okay the second bun is out of the oven already. Congrats to both of them. Both look nice and healthy.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 5:37 PM, 2017
Awwww this is so sweet. Congratulations on working with Disney, Megan!