Act Three, Chapter Two: 19

7th Apr 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 19
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Mar-ee 7th Apr 12:02 AM, 2017
I sense that Virtue either expected a yelling or a scolding for prying. Well at least its starting off calm
Cat 7th Apr 8:36 AM, 2017
Or her mind is imagining something absolutely dreadful at the word 'beast'.
Helena 7th Apr 4:40 AM, 2017

Well, at least Virtue is trying. Very unlike Dad.
Alexandra 7th Apr 5:03 AM, 2017
More panels with baby-holding!
Coincidence? :) :)
Fractal Dawn 7th Apr 5:25 AM, 2017
I keep getting this feeling like Beauty's sisters are imagining... I don't know, something way more vicious or salacious than anything that crossed either Beauty or <s>Beast</s>Argus' minds. And am kind of hoping Beauty just ends up on a rant about how he's a gardener and fighting to retain his humanity and is a very kind person and a gentleman and for her sisters to be super confused about this.

Although I also really hope they tell her what they saw when they were kids, about their mom. It would be nice for Beauty not to be working on incomplete information.
Guest 7th Apr 11:30 AM, 2017
I am surprised that she doesn't say that he was a human. Can she not mention it?
Kirala 7th Apr 5:06 PM, 2017
Why should she mention it? The Beast is unlikely to ever be human again (as far as she knows), and magic means he can have a good soul, kind heart, and sharp mind even as a Beast (even though in fact he's a bit short on one of those counts). It's only relevant if we're talking about whether it's appropriate for Beauty to be harboring romantic or sexual feelings toward him, and OF COURSE she isn- I mean - well- no, that's NOT possib- and even if it were -

... I don't see Beauty going there right now.
Michael 26th Apr 2:19 AM, 2017
really hard to explain. On the other Hand, her Family is educated with the old mythology as well. Dad saw the beast talking himself with his own eyes. He HAS ears though. There is Magic involved, they all know. So, trust the Young Girl or believe she was tricked into something? We will see.
elcia 7th Apr 9:18 PM, 2017
"He eats apples in two bits...."
Oh wait wrong version. ;P
Guest 8th Apr 11:15 AM, 2017
Anonymous 9th Apr 10:01 AM, 2017
Does anyone know if volume 2 is ever going to be sold on Amazon like volume 1?
MsMegan 9th Apr 4:34 PM, 2017
Volume two is available in the shop:

It was such a huge book I couldn't do it via print on demand, so it isn't on Amazon, I'm afraid!
Michael 26th Apr 2:22 AM, 2017
how much additional Money it will be to ship it to europe? I wouldnt mind if it is on a ship actually. Time is no Argument here.
Just finished a dead tree Project for my brother - for Christmas.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 5:51 PM, 2017
Virtue definitely seems to think that something unsavory happened between Beauty and the Beast. Beauty's nonchalant response to that question, though, should reduce that worry--maybe. If something bad happened, I would expect Beauty to be more skittish around the subject, rather than at a loss on how to explain him.