Act Three, Chapter Two: 21

14th Apr 12:05 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 21
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Mar-ee 14th Apr 12:21 AM, 2017
Virtue looks surprisedXD. Can't wait for next page
lamepudding 14th Apr 5:51 AM, 2017
Guest 14th Apr 9:33 AM, 2017
Lol. The look on Virtues face. Well, Virtrue, your dad loved a swan (i think).
bscruffy 14th Apr 11:55 AM, 2017
Summaries are always so fascinating, revealing as much about the observer as it does about their subject. Beauty talks about when Beast lets his guard down, but on this page it is she that is letting her guard down. Gently, gently.
Cat 16th Apr 7:30 AM, 2017
By the way, how much longer will Beauty have a wrapped hand? If I recall correctly, she got cut by a thorn, right? Wouldn't such a thing heal rather fast after a few days? (I'm assuming. My condition leads to very slow healing of wounds)
Aroura Nightshade 17th Apr 8:41 PM, 2017
Maybe it is healed already. She probably refuses to take it off. It's a constant reminder that she was actually physically there, at the castle with the beast and that it's not all some strange dream. Beauty is probably afraid that her time there would be only a memory, slowly fading as her life eases back to what it was. However, she changed there at the castle, and found herself among the walls and magic. It is easy to forget oneself when people act like nothing changed at all. Which is what her family has been doing.
Helena 16th Apr 2:04 PM, 2017

Hope that Virtue will believe her, or at least not come with the old "he bewitched you" bull$%¨¨.
Michael 26th Apr 2:31 AM, 2017
Virtue seems to be a good listener. And I think she can read Beauty as good as Swan Lady could read beast.
I guess she sees right away, Beauty is in love and surprized, of course.
Since Beauty was always the arbiter in the Family, she must be known for her good common sense. Maybe they believe her.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 6:05 PM, 2017
I'm not surprised that Virtue is so surprised to hear this--maybe even a little horrified, because this is probably the opposite of what she was expecting to hear. It's easy to imagine that Beauty has a warm and wistful tone of voice when she's talking about him, especially when she says that his worry where she is concerned--that she thinks he's a monster--is unfounded. That's probably very telling to Virtue, who knows what falling in love looks and feels like.