Act Three, Chapter Two: 25

27th Apr 11:22 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 25
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th Apr 11:22 PM, 2017
In your heaaaaad it's in your heaaaaaaad zombie zombie zombee-bee-bee


Mar-ee 27th Apr 11:50 PM, 2017
Oh Beast how did you get there? I mean I have a feeling but still... poor Beast. Ghosts/strange enchanted hounding you like like I dunno the Greek Furies/Erinyes... 8(
Fluffy 27th Apr 11:53 PM, 2017
Narrator voice: And after failing Life Coach School, Mr. Magic Maze felt it would be best to use his skills elsewhere....
Aroura Nightshade 28th Apr 12:33 AM, 2017
Awesome Cranberries reference there MsMegan! Poor beast! Beauty hurry please!
DawnStar 29th Apr 8:48 PM, 2017
Agreed! I started singing it right away. lol
DawnStar 29th Apr 8:48 PM, 2017
Agreed! I started singing it right away. lol
metaceryn 29th Apr 9:54 PM, 2017
Meanwhile, my mind went right into Mr. Brightside and I'm fine with not contemplating that too much.
CinnaMonroe 28th Apr 3:52 AM, 2017
Heart problems much?
metaceryn 30th Apr 1:19 PM, 2017
It's a bit of a thorny subject.
the selkie wife 28th Apr 9:40 AM, 2017
he keeps bleeding, keeps, keeps bleeding love!

Beauty, girl, hurry the heck up. Your boyfriend is bleeding out, and if this comic has made one this clear it's that blood and the castle don't go together well. Just ask the overly-aggressive wind.

(A question - is the wind using somebody's voice in particular? His voice when he was human? His mother's? His ex's? A mixture of all three? Or just a creepy wind-like voice?)
Guest 28th Apr 2:06 PM, 2017
Omg. If he's bleeding out... will he change back?
Michael 28th Apr 4:35 PM, 2017
Still Standing...
Dvarin 29th Apr 3:33 AM, 2017
Huh, that sounds like his mother's voice...
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 6:21 PM, 2017
Dang how much can he bleed before he actually dies? Magic does seem to be keeping him alive, since he doesn't have a beating heart--but still, at what point does that spell unravel? Poor Beast. The whispering of the maze isn't helping. Stop tormenting him with the memories of his mother's and lover's abuses, maze!