Act Three, Chapter Two: 27

4th May 11:27 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 27
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th May 11:27 PM, 2017
When will myyyy reflection showwww who I am insiiiiiide


Mar-ee 4th May 11:41 PM, 2017

Granted I sense a foreshadowing/or flashback coming up but still.... Beast:(
Fluffy 4th May 11:55 PM, 2017
Dawn 5th May 1:19 AM, 2017
"Backed where IT ended"

What ended?! Your life? Whose life?! What's happening! >_<
CinnaMonroe 5th May 4:26 AM, 2017
You know when they say someone has a "bleeding heart" THEY DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERALLY, BEAST! D8
Guest 5th May 7:54 AM, 2017
Omg. We are gonna see him cut out his heart??
Sybilla J 5th May 9:23 AM, 2017
oh man. This is it. What we've been waiting for. NO WAIT I'M NOT READY D:
metaceryn 5th May 12:43 PM, 2017
Alright, people: Mulan/BATB mashup-crossover song titles. Go.

(And no, "Make a Man Out of You" doesn't count.)
the selkie wife 5th May 1:49 PM, 2017
What Do We Want? A Beast Worth Fighting For!

Bring Beauty To Us Al (this one is sung by the audience as they teeter between Beast nearly killing himself and Beauty riding through the forest)
MsMegan 5th May 6:45 PM, 2017
Oh my gosh Metaceryn
metaceryn 6th May 12:44 PM, 2017
I meant that in the "magically transformative" sense, not the "carnally educational."
MsMegan 8th May 11:15 PM, 2017
My mind hadn't even gone there. Gosh. Layers.
Priscilla 6th May 2:35 AM, 2017
When the mob attacks
Bring gifts to us all
Uhh. .The Prince`s reflection?
Sarah 6th May 9:19 AM, 2017
Are we about to see how his life ended and how he became a beast? Will the reflection from the fountain revel the truth of his past? We'll soon see.
Silvre 7th May 10:26 PM, 2017
Aww, the Beast looks so broken in that first panel. :(

And I love your singing Ms Megan. ;)
Margaret Woodman 7th May 11:23 PM, 2017
I keep waiting for Dan Stevens' Evermore to pop up in here. I've been reading this comment for about a year now it is wonderful I hope to get the box when you come out on the shelves. :'(
Margaret moon 7th May 11:26 PM, 2017
I keep waiting for Dan Stevens forever more to pump up in here somewhere. I have been reading this webcomic for about a year now. I love it. I hope to get the books when they hit the shelves. This is a beautiful rendition of the story. Keep up the good work. Beast ?
Margaret Moon 7th May 11:30 PM, 2017
I apologize I can't seem to get these comments to Write very well. I have been reading this comic for about a year now. It's a lovely rendition of the classical story. Every time I see scenes like this revolving around the beast I think of the song "Evermore" sung by Dan Stevens. Keep up the good work and I hope the happy ending is as astounding is the beginning was. ??
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 6:30 PM, 2017
See, the Beast agrees with my "Of course." I want to hug him so badly in the first panel--he looks so defeated. "Back where it began/back where it ended" seems like a good lead-in to more flashback material--I suspect that he means the beginning of his life as a beast and the end of his life as a human. I don't know if I noticed the fountain spouts being in the shape of lion heads before, or the reflections of the roses in the water. Those are nice touches. Also, I wonder if his blood getting into the water will have some effect on the magic of the contract?