Act Three, Chapter Two: 28

9th May 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 28
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th May 12:00 AM, 2017
Any of you at TCAF this weekend? I'll be speaking at Word Balloon Academy on Success vs Burnout Friday afternoon at 3:30! You have to pre-register, but it's still free!


Mar-ee 9th May 12:01 AM, 2017
His heart.... dying? Or is it time for more revelations for our poor dear Beast
Fluffy 9th May 12:01 AM, 2017
Sophi(e)a 9th May 12:08 AM, 2017
I was worried this would be a terribly sad piece of music that make my sadness worse. Instead, it is an accurate representation of my response to this page.
Kirala 9th May 7:33 AM, 2017
That inevitably makes me think of this one:
Fluffy 9th May 12:52 PM, 2017
All of the "Noooooooooo"s
ShinyHappyGoth 9th May 1:17 AM, 2017

(That should be "wither," not "whither." Homophones.)
metaceryn 9th May 2:33 AM, 2017
Plot Twist: the Beast is actually a fainting goat.
Cat 9th May 5:36 AM, 2017
How does one pronounce an Asterisk?
Kukki 10th May 12:42 PM, 2017
It does look a little funny, doesn't it? :)

In manga, they often have a mark similar to an asterisk (looks kind of like the Walmart logo, actually... and asterisk-esque starburst that doesn't meet in the middle) that usually means their head is spinning. Perhaps they gasped, or they just woke up, or they're fainting, or they're trying to clear their head when they're drunk. That sort of thing.

I think it looks strange here because of the font choice, but I get what Megan was trying for.
Cat 11th May 10:13 AM, 2017
...I was actually making a joke. I know what the symbol is supposed to represent...
the selkie wife 9th May 7:02 AM, 2017
Beast!! No!! Don't die!!!! Not now!
Guest 9th May 8:14 AM, 2017
Oh... that happened. :(
Aingeleag 9th May 1:38 PM, 2017
So I took this as he fainted b/c blood.. did I interpret that wrong? lol
Cat 10th May 7:13 AM, 2017
I think it's more that he realized he was bleeding, which he didn't notice earlier because he was too busy getting talked to/mind screwed, and when he noticed, he brain said, "Good! Now, collapse. No need to be tough, just let us do our job."
Sybilla J 9th May 1:51 PM, 2017
Reminds me of Disney's Beast passing out after the wolves attack, if I'm not mistaken. The way his eyes roll back like that.

also NO NO NO don't be dying please

...I'm aware of course that the Beast dies in every version of this tale but STILL
Sybilla J 9th May 1:54 PM, 2017
**I should say USUALLY dies/is close to dying. So maybe not in *every* version.
Stitchlingbelle 9th May 10:35 PM, 2017
Don't mind me, I'll just be over here whimpering in the corner.
Priscilla 9th May 11:50 PM, 2017
Guest 10th May 10:00 AM, 2017
No... Nooooo... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
(she whisper screams, so as not to disturb the neighbours)
Me 11th May 9:40 PM, 2017
Behind him in the second panel. "White rose petals stained red".

Pat R 13th Aug 12:58 AM, 2017
Something something blood making the waters profane... Seems Beast is remembering more now, as if his life is flashing before his eyes, and what he forgot is now returned.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 6:35 PM, 2017
Aaaaaaaaah! So yeah, he killed himself at the fountain, didn't he? That is definitely a man's arm. The roses being white in that memory isn't something I would have expected, but they do make a better contrast to the blood.

The Beast must have known he was bleeding before this, though? And it looks like he's finally fainted from blood loss, ugh! The asterisk is really unsettling, after so many pages without any symbols like it.